Dieter Bohlen suffers with himself – “He can’t do it anymore”

Dieter Bohlen at the third live show of Logos for the fifteenth season of RTL casting Deutschland sucht den Superstar / DSDS 2018 at the MMC Colonium.  Cologne, April 28, 2018 *** Dieter Bohlen in the third living logo ...

Dieter Bohlen in Season 20 notes that he’s getting older.Bild: Imago Pictures/Image of the Future


Charlotte Zink

Dieter Bohlen and his jury are looking for the German star for the 20th and last time. With or without talent: On Saturday evening, many music fans flocked to the cast. 22-year-old Lenya made a special impression. Too bad for her that she wasn’t particularly good.

“I haven’t heard anything this bad here in a long time.”, jury chairman Bohlin after the actress finished her performance. He added, “Totally unmusical, completely!” – Maybe to make sure his message gets through.

and Linus? Although already during her singing she notices that maybe it wasn’t going well and she breaks off with the words: “It’s not good, is it?” However, after two songs she tried to negotiate a third chance to separate Acapella. “It’s not going to be okay,” Bohlen said. The 22-year-old returned home without a summons call.

Even before singing: The candidate receives the first criticism of the costume

Bohlin didn’t mince his words on Saturday when Josephine appeared before the jury. “Don’t believe, I’m really here!” The 24-year-old screamed excitedly as she entered the acting room.

“Why did you wear something so strange?” Bohlin wanted to be known candidly in light of a shimmering blue and silver cocktail dress paired with white sneakers. “It’s like dancing girls”said the pop giant. “DSDS is 20,” Josephine explained in her signature style.

Josephine Kamann from Delmenhorst.  Use of material relating to the Program is permitted only by reference to and linking to RTL +.

Josephine’s antics weren’t convincing either.Image: rtl+

After all, her version of Helen Fisher’s “Now or Never” was also special. While Josephine’s mother, listening in the hallway in front of the acting room, remarked: “Bomb! Like home…”, the enthusiasm on the part of the jury was restrained.

Dieter commented: “Today’s dreams come true – but not for you.” Josephine’s way of singing sounds “Like a Goat!”. “It wasn’t very good,” said the singer to Leoni. Josephine was surprised by a lot of criticism. She said “It makes me sad!” But at least she got a certificate of participation as a consolation.

The contestant has a “son” of Pikachu with him

It was also awarded to 27-year-old Pascal Essen. The jury exchanged stares when the Essen native introduced his Pikachu stuffed animal “Poppy” as his “little son”. When he started singing, disbelief quickly turned to amusement.

With full enthusiasm, Pascal sang loudly and off the keys. Bohlin commented afterwards:

“I thought that was good. Everything else was shit!”

Result: four times no!

The rapper begs “yes” twice

In fact, the plank “no” should only be given to rapper Rahman. The 27-year-old couldn’t impress the pop titan with a cover rap or his own song. “You don’t have anything special!” said Bohlen.

“Not good enough!” Pietro also ruled. Only Leoni found Abd al-Rahman “fairly good”. And rapper Katia Krasavis? She couldn’t even announce her verdict, because Rahman asked to be allowed to briefly explain her position. He was “so excited,” said the 27-year-old. However, “DSDS” is his dream and he has been on it since he was a kid.

Rehman Hashimpur Kargar of Puvendin.  Use of material relating to the Program is permitted only by reference to and linking to RTL +.

Rapper Rahman pretty much had to beg to get through. Image: rtl+

Krasavis, who wanted to say “no,” she admitted, rewarded the beggar with a “pity yes.” Because two “yes” wasn’t enough to get him going, the young rapper turned to Bohlin. “Come on, Dieter, give me this chance.”

The pop giant reluctantly gave in. “Get a piece of paper and get out now,” said the Chief Justice. “I can’t do that anymore, it’s a mild age,” he explained to his fellow jurors and Lombardi. Candidate Rahman did not mind that he had to beg for a motion of no confidence: “When you have a dream, you don’t care what people think,” said the 27-year-old.

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