Doodles 2 reveals the details of Doodles and expands the flow

If ever there was a poignant NFT moment suitable for a drum tweak, the long-awaited announcement of Doodles 2 certainly would be it. The ecosystem expansion that has been in development for about a year now is the expected next iteration of The beloved Doodles project Finally on the horizon. But surprise: it won’t happen on Ethereum.

While this may be less of a shock to fans who have been following the brand since 2021 – considering Doodle plans 2 Originally revealed last summer – a cross-series project of this magnitude certainly isn’t something to be left to chance. But it seems the Doodlers and the people next door needn’t have worried because as 2023 arrives, the weird, wide, and colorful world created by founders Evan Kist, Jordan Castro, and Scott Martin (A toast to the Holocaust) created will be detected.

What is Doodles 2?

Although people in the NFT space may have mixed opinions about the form and frequency of communication sent over Doodles Twitter accountIt cannot be ruled out that important developments have come from the project over the past year. From innovative space graphics to Dooplicator, Genesis Box, Doodle Records, and of course the preparation of CEO Julian Holguin and Pharrell Williams for the executive team, members of the Doodle community had a lot to look forward to.

However, throughout the ups and downs of the NFT market, one thing has remained the same: Doodles are a set in 10,000 PFP NFTs. No more, no less. But now, with the reveal of Doodles 2, the project aims to expand the ecosystem.

“Doodles 2’s mission is to make our digital identity and Burnt Toast style more accessible to everyone. Over the past year and a half, we’ve learned that some of the best retention tools are community, engaging art, self-expression, and personalization,” Castro said in an interview with Nft Now. “But, you know, there is some friction and hurdles with that. Doodles are now several ETH each, and there are only 10,000 of them. This is our solution to getting people into our community and into our ecosystem of NFTs.”

Doodles 2 is set to be more than just a companion project, it will exist as a brand new initiative aimed at engaging more doodle enthusiasts, especially those outside of the Ethereum NFT ecosystem. Marketed as a “doodle for everyone,” the new endeavor — which comes on the heels of Doodle acquisition for Award-winning animation studio Golden Wolf – centers around dynamic NFTs built on the Flow blockchain.

Roham Gharegozlou, CEO Dabur Laboratories (where Keast and Castro both worked), he now tells Nft he’s excited to see the company grow, noting that they’re ideally positioned to help build the future of Web3. “Doodles is already an iconic brand with an incredibly vibrant community. With an intuitive user experience, scalable technology, and no gas tolls on Flow, Doodles 2 will open up its world to everyone. The next wave of Web3 adoption is all about utility and fun — and it’s exciting to see Doodles Innovative leads the way.”

What should collectors expect from this expansion?

As far as the mechanics are concerned, the details will come into play on January 31st. about this subject On the day, Doodle holders will be rewarded, and the project will begin its multi-threaded journey by activating the Dooplicator, a “super powerful device”. male to be “perpetual benefit” even after doodles 2.

Dooplication will be the first step in the Doodles 2 journey that holders of the first copy of the wearable Doodles 2 can take. Then, The Next Step will be about a month down the road as the Genesis Box opens up to Edition 2 wearable holders. In addition, every wearable version unlocked during this release period will include a Doodles 2 Beta Pass, which will provide owners with access to a private beta version of your doodle maker in the near future.

When we say Doodles 2, what we really mean is a customizable doodle. […] Unlike the original set, Doodles 2 has two different types of NFTs,” Castro said. The first is doodles. Think of it as a supermodel and staple. You can customize different themes on your doodles. These are all properties on the chain. The second type of NFT is the wearable device. These wearables can be combined with doodles to create the style you want.”

Example of a Doodles 2 character with OG wearables
Example of a Doodles 2 character with OG wearables
Two-letter doodle with Organo Gold wearables.
Example of a Doodles 2 character with OG wearables

In the beginning, doodle holders will be able to customize the NFT’s body, hairstyle, emotion, and of course, wearables. This will essentially create a new micro-economy for doodles where everyone can buy, sell and trade wearable NFTs. With Doodles 2, users can doodle on a basic level, choosing general traits such as skin tone and hair color, and changing their appearance as often as they like. In the future, holders of new wearable collections can expect them to be released via notable drops, showcasing some included products and brand collaborations with partners, musicians, and creators. Features will also include switching between a full-body or PFP perspective and unlocking an animated version of a proprietary NFT, complete with original music.

“Our core community, people who use their doodles as a kind of social representation of themselves and create derivative works of art, they put their doodles in different environments, they create a lot more. Now it eventually becomes part of their identity,” Holguin said in an interview with NFT. on social media.

He continued, “The cool thing about Doodles 2 is that it gives [holders] More tools to actually create that digital representation of themselves. This, you know, creates more opportunities to establish that sense of identity that we ultimately seek. This is another reason why the Flow blockchain works really well for this product, as well as qualifying the many millions of people we hope to one day.”

Doodles 2 on Flow, what’s next?

While hosting Doodle 2 on Flow, the founder of the project informed that they will continue to invest in the doodle ecosystem on Ethereum. Noting that the future of NFTs It appears to be multi-stringedThe project’s founding team stated via a press release that further initiatives, such as expanded licensing opportunities and expanded access within the doodle ecosystem, will always live with the original doodle pool.

“We are not married to Flow for future products. We will select and use the appropriate series for the problem we are trying to solve,” Castro said. [Doodles 2] It is a product that reaches the masses. But contextualize it in how we look at space now. […] We believe the idea of ​​being multi-chain is essential to further our roadmap.”

While it remains to be seen what kind of impact expanding Flow will have on the doodle community, it’s becoming clear that the doodle team continues to commit to efforts that will likely help define what it means to be a Web3 brand. Just as we have seen from other impactful NFT projects, cases where IP is opened up and scaled to the community are often successful in creating value and opening up new horizons.

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