Double disappointment for ‘Walking Dead’ fans: Rick’s return is coming later and the next series is ending – Series News

American broadcaster AMC has once again revised its overall plan for “The Walking Dead” universe. Any new spin-offs will be delayed and the upcoming eighth season of Fear The Walking Dead will be its last.


Ever since he left The Walking Dead in 2018 and announced his own movie trilogy, fans of the series have been eagerly awaiting the return of former franchise character Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). After all, there was a small teaser on it recently at the end of the latest “Walking Dead” season, where Rick and his great lover Michonne (Danai Gurira) at least stopped by for a standalone finale.

However, a true return for the two, now remade from a movie trilogy into a six-part mini-series, remains a long way off – and even longer than expected. Originally announced at the end of 2023, American broadcaster AMC announced: The Walking Dead: Rick and MichonneIt won’t come until 2024, nearly six (!) years after The Walking Dead Rick’s departure. It’s not yet certain when the spin-off will debut and where we’ll see it in Germany.

Spin-offs about Daryl, Maggie, and Negan will also come later

The Rick and Michonne series delay wasn’t much of a surprise, given that the 2023 Walking Dead calendar was (and still is) packed. The new branch history is only part of a major adjustment to the zombie universe timeline, which will be diligently expanded even after the end of the main series.

is now being corrected a bit, Even the fan favorite’s two new spin-offs are also waiting for us later than originally planned. This is how “The Walking Dead: Dead City” appears, as Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) end up in New York years after the ultimate zombie experience “Walking Dead,” instead of April now in June 2023.” The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon”, which transports the titular hero (Daryl Dixon) to faraway France, is now expected to move to the end of the year.

Fear The Walking Dead ends after the eighth season

But that’s not the end of the news when it comes to The Walking Dead, which holds potential disappointments (if not entirely unexpected) for hardcore fans. As reported by US trade magazines, citing AMC, It will be the next eighth season of the premiere”Fear of the Walking Dead‘Also another one.’which means that the branch ends with three seasons fewer than the original series.

Finally, “Fear” fans can look forward to the fact that former main character Madison (Kim Dickens) is now part of the main cast again after a guest appearance in Season 7, and hopefully say goodbye to the offshoot properly. The first snippet of the new episodes provides a preview of her next look:

The final season, “FTWD,” will include not the regular 16 episodes, but only 12, which will be released in two parts several months apart. Season 8A will flash across screens in the USA starting May 14, 2023 (in Germany this will very likely be the case again a day later on Amazon Prime Video), and there is no firm start date for Season 8B.

A Quick Look at “The Walking Dead”

Since you can quickly lose track of all the upcoming projects and the overall edit (especially since the spin-off anthology “Tales of the Walking Dead” will also be presented in Germany this year), we’ve listed them all so far below with confirmed release dates and future “Walking Dead” series summed up:

After the end of ‘The Walking Dead’: The first trailer for the trailer with Negan and Maggie debuted!

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