Double goal in the last minutes: United win the Manchester derby against City

Manchester United stunningly won the derby against city rivals 2-1. In the final stage, the Red Devils turned out to be powerless – also due to a questionable referee’s decision.

ManUnited crowd cheering after Skyblues' derby win.

ManUnited crowd cheering after Skyblues’ derby win.
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After a surprising 0:2 in the League Cup against Southampton, Guardiola spoke of “ridiculous thoughts” that were floating in his head before the derby match against Man United. In the end, the Spaniard sent his best team onto the field against the Red Devils and thus dispensed with his three-man chain, which he had been using a lot lately. Meanwhile, his opponent Erik ten Hag relied solely on two Rashford-trained forwards and Martial, Shaw was also favored by world champion Martinez (bench) in central defence.

Premier League, Round 20

What initially looked like a safety option for the Red Devils should pose huge problems for ManCity. The Skyblues would normally have been given the ball in their own half, but ManUnited fought all the duels with great power from midfield at the latest. After winning the ball, the powerful midfield around Eriksen and Bruno Fernandes immediately looked for a way forward, with Martial always a target player.

Rashford melts

After 11 minutes, Bruno Fernandes presented himself the first dangerous moment, after Eriksen assisted the Portuguese shot into the left corner. ManCity, meanwhile, have yet to reach any similar finishing positions, particularly in midfield, the Skyblues side having time and again made petty mistakes and inaccuracies. This made it easier for the Red Devils to defend offensive efforts.

ManUnited has always remained dangerously ahead. Bruno Fernandes sent Rashford on his way, and the striker rounded Ederson, but he was saved from a tight corner by Akanji, who cleared the line (34). The ice was now thawed from the Red Devils’ most dangerous attacking man, and shortly thereafter he got past Walker, but put the ball too far in front of Ederson (38).

Joker stings Guardiola

De Gea appeared only in first-half injury time, and the Spaniard did not have to interfere with Walker’s long-range shot from 30 meters – even if it was close (45 + 1).

Despite an attractive performance from his eleven, Ten Hag made a substitution at the break and brought in Anthony for the hapless Martial. At first it was a harmless attacking match for the guests, but after 55 minutes the Skyblues quickly picked up the pace. ManUnited never gets out of their own half and counter-attack quite often. ManCity eventually used a dominant stage to take the lead, substitute Grealish heading in from five meters after a cross from De Brunye (60).

Orgasm in the final stage

The Red Devils were now challenged again, but they didn’t find their way into the game for long because the Nationals were much safer with the ball after the restart. Gradually, however, the pressure on United’s goal decreased, so the match was open until the last stage – and it had to be turned on its head.

Casemiro was sent off by Rashford but it was clear that he was sent off for offside. The striker volleyed the ball clear into the penalty area, but let Bruno Fernandes through at the last moment. The Portuguese defeated Ederson, the goal awarded only after a consultation between referee Stuart Atwell and assistant referee Darren Kahn. ManCity complained vehemently to the referee team – and as a result the whole thread was lost. Substitute Garnacho was unstoppable in the Ake penalty area and crossed Rashford, who fired Ederson from five yards out and eventually sent off Old Trafford.

In the last few minutes, Skyblues had thrown everything forward again, but could not come to a clear conclusion. In the end, the derby win was celebrated by ManUnited, who are just one point behind Citizens in the table. On Wednesday, the Red Devils face a challenge once again, in a catch-up match for the seventh match, Man United, a guest at Crystal Palace. Man City continues on Thursday with a home game against Tottenham (9pm).

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