DSDS Anniversary – Third Day Pick: “These are all hollow sausages!”

DSDS Anniversary – Third Casting Day
“They are all hollow sausages!”

By Kay Butterwick

A Berliner following in the footsteps of Whitney Houston, a soldier with great sensitivity and a jury foreman who shows all the haters and bullies a finger: DSDS’ third pick day is also very busy.

In search of the eye of the needle to the stage of the big show, the stepping stone to a new life, and the stairway to self-realization, the DSDS competition beckons with the supposed shortest path to happiness—provided you have the necessary “inclusive package” in your luggage. 29-year-old Olga from Berlin sure has all the requirements for a star. So you should go for the self-assured capital of “luxury fashion retail” to the world of sparkling pop. Lo and behold: With a groovy version of Houston’s “Run To You,” Olga captivates everyone present: “Finally a woman who can sing big numbers,” says Dieter Bohlen happily.

Private Calvin also dreams of the great leap from the trenches onto the planks that mean the world. The chubby Hanover surprised the jury with a tender singing performance that no one expected. “Oh, I could listen to you forever,” Katya exclaimed. Pietro, too, is amazed, and compares the voice to the physique and comes to the following conclusion: “You’re the guy who can also join women’s groups.”

Dieter’s heart beats to the beat of a song

Appearance also played a major role for longtime high school graduate Melissa. “I was bullied a lot at school,” sighs the 17-year-old, who has already appeared in several theaters and musicals. Her very personal kneeling in front of Demi Lovato’s “Anybody” makes Dieter Bohlen make a statement showing that the back-to-back principal juror’s heart now beats harder and harder in the song’s beat: “You look great, you sound great and all the people who say something else are all hollow!” Of course he is right, dear Dieter. To hell with all the hollow-headed freaks! Well, that should come out now.

Soldier surprises Calvin with velvet singing - Source RTL Stefan Gregorowius.jpg

The soldier surprises Calvin by singing Velvet.

(Photo: RTL Stefan Gregorios)

Next in the program. What did the third day of the announcement give? Of course, in addition to the jewelry, a few sexy Auweia nominees get lost in front of the bar of musical bliss. For example, two young adults Josephine and Lenia, who are very convinced of themselves and their talents, must quickly root again.

“Where are you going, Schnuckelbunny?”

While Josephine of Delmenhorst is lost walking in the footsteps of Helene Fischer (“Now or Never”), Lenia of Austria desponds in a labyrinth of twisted tones: “Where do you want to go, Schnucklheese?” Dieter Bohlen wants to know from a 22-year-old blonde. The foreman of the jury isn’t just upset about the wrong key. In the end, everything is somehow in disarray: “Honestly, I was the worst of them all,” Dieter Bohlen sums up with apparent disappointment.

But the good mood quickly returned, because with well-known ghosts Shada and Claudia (both of whom had been able to display their talent admirably in previous seasons), perhaps the most bizarre two in DSDS history scurry around the corner. After a bizarre dance-and-song performance, which easily surpasses everything that’s come before in terms of scary factor, Juror Leonie can barely contain her laughter. Wonderfully awful. In contrast, Menderes looks like the true King of Pop.

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