DSDS Leon’s juror in selfie: friend, size, instagram & co

Leonie German SingerComing in 2020 with a reinterpretation of Modern Talking “Brother Louie” became known to a wider audience. Since then, her career has gone uphill. your strikes “faded love” And “Treatment” Not only did it display an absolute catchy quality, but it literally stormed the charts and was played on the radio in a continuous loop. From mid-January 2023, you will also be in Jury View casting from RTL “Germany is looking for the star”.

While Leonie is heard regularly on the radio, not much is known about her private life. he have DSDS juror a Freund? What was her name? Squad? And how tall is it assets? In this picture, you will find everything you need to know about the singer.

Leon in profile: age, size, place of residence, Instagram, co.

Top facts about the singer at a glance:

  • Artist name: Leonie
  • bourgeois name: Leonie Burger
  • profession: Singer
  • birthday: 25. June 1997
  • Modification: 25 years
  • asterisk: crepes
  • Size: 1,69 m
  • place of birth: Chamünster (Bavaria)
  • housing: Berlin
  • Marital status: bachelor
  • Kinder: no one
  • Instagram: Leon

Leon is a member of the DSDS 2023 Jury

Popular casting show “Germany is looking for the star” In 2023, RTL celebrates its anniversary and farewell at the same time, because the 20th season will be the last. But for the big send-off, the announcer worked hard again in terms of the jury: In addition to the pop titan Dieter Bohlenthe singer Peter Lombardi And the singer Katya Krasavichi Leony also accepts Jorebolt Void. However, she still does not believe this: “Wow, eight years ago I was in the RTL theater myself. At that time, I would never have thought that I would be able to evaluate talent in a major musical in 2023. And then next to Dieter Bohlen and Pietro Lombardi – It’s such an honor for me and I’m really looking forward to all that’s to come!” Leonie said of her commitment.

All information about broadcasting on RTL

Does Leonie have a boyfriend?

Leon keeps her private life out of the public eye as much as possible. What is known, however, is that they are presently bachelor She, as she revealed to Bild in October 2022: “I am happy one. She also doesn’t want to change anything about her relationship status. She explained, “Right now I don’t have the time and to be honest I’m not looking. I’m not saying, ‘No relationship at all,’ but if it doesn’t happen, it won’t.”

Leoni was the singer of the band ‘Unknown Passenger’.

Leoni made her singing debut with her band at the age of 17 „Unidentified passengerson German TV. with their gang members Julian Vogel And Maximilian Bohme She participated in the talent show in 2014 “rising star” Part and continue with the song “stay”, which was originally sung by Rihanna, not only won the hearts of the audience, but also won the final. In the end, the band received 92.77% of the audience vote and won the show. Smaller gigs by the group in pubs and clubs followed, but they performed for them only three months after winning the show Precision a favour.

Songs by Leonie: “Faded Love”, “Remedy”, Co.

After the band around Leon broke up, the singer started one solo career. That’s why she took her first name in a slightly different spelling as her stage name. Then Leoni signed a contract with in 2016 Sony Music In Australia, extensive vocal training followed. A year later, she released her first single “Give up”, which accompanied the commercial for the Selfie Me clothing collection with music. singles “boots” And “more than friends” They joined their musical success in 2018 and 2019.

But Leonie made her breakthrough in 2020 with her song “heaven”, which earned it gold status. after re-launch Talk-talk-songs “Brother Louie”In collaboration with Vize, Kazakh artist Imanebek and former Modern Talking member Dieter Bohlen saw her career take off. your strikes “faded love” And “Treatment”Both were released in 2021, following this success.

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Is Leon on Instagram?

Leon has an audience and check it out Instagram-account. More than following her on the platform 68,000 fans (As of January 2023). She mainly shares with them photos from her career and short videos from her concerts. From time to time, she also posts snapshots of her private life.

What is Leon’s net worth?

In recent years, Leoni has not only been successful as a singer in Germany, but also internationally. Because of this, many fans wonder about her net worth. According to “dasvermoegen.com”, the singer should estimated value around 1.2 million euros Especially.

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