Duchess Meghan: Slippery details – this is how the hotel meetings with Harry were

It has long been apparent that they exist Prince Harry (38) A controversial biography.additionalNot only about allegations against Konig Charles III. (74), Prince William (40) and his wife Princess Kate (40) Go. No, in a conversational tone, the king also reveals one or another intimate detail from his life. This is how it goes in one chapter, for example About frostbite on his best pieceIn another order First time (“I rode it quickly, after which she slapped me and sent me away”). Moreover drugs And alcohol become the topic. Like a teenager in love, he also writes in great detail about a secret hotel date with his current wife Megan (41).

Meghan’s friend secretly smuggled Prince Harry into the hotel

“Reserve”, Chapter Ten, is about Harry and Meghan getting to know each other. At first it becomes clear how mad the prince is towards the American actress. “We were dying to see each other again,” Harry wrote in his book. “I flew about the last days of August for our next meeting, about ten days in advance. We agreed it would be best if you came to London.” After all, they had met on the anniversary of his mother’s death, Princess Diana (36) He met again.

“On the big day, as soon as she arrived, she called me as soon as she entered her room in Soho House.” Megan orders him to use a secret entrance to the hotel and then the freight elevator. Her friend Vanessa, who was working at the Soho House, then traps him and lures him inside. “Everything went according to plan. After meeting her friend and traversing a kind of maze through the bowels of Soho House, she finally reached Meg’s door.” Harry’s following lines could easily be taken from a romance author’s novel Nicholas Sparks (57) arise.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan: There has never been a time for the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign.

“I knocked and held my breath while I waited. The door flew out. That smile.” Meghan’s arms would have reached Harry. In a smooth motion, she pulled me over and thanked her friend, then quickly closed the door before anyone could see. And then it gets heated when Harry reveals: “I’d say we put a do not disturb sign on the door. I don’t think there was a time for that.” Excuse me! We don’t know much unbridled passion from the British royal family.

This is why Prince Harry hid under Meghan’s duvet

Harry stayed with his beloved all night. “In the morning we needed refreshments and we called room service on the phone. When I knocked on the door, I looked around for a place to hide. The council offered nothing. There was no cupboard or cupboard, no wardrobe.” An alternative was needed: “So I lay down on the bed and pulled the quilt over my head.” So Harry had to wait an unexpectedly long time not to let their secret love story fly by.

“Unfortunately, it was not an unknown waiter who brought breakfast, but the assistant hotel manager,” Harry recalled every morning. “He was very smitten with Meg and she was smitten with him too, so he wanted to chat. He didn’t notice two breakfasts on the stairs. He didn’t notice the prince-shaped bump under the bottom comforter either. He talked and talked and kept her updated while I was choking on air in my bottom cave.” . When the man finally left, Harry had sat panting. Then we both gasped because we were laughing so hard. The two lovebirds spent the rest of the day together. The rest is history.

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