Dungeons & Dragons New OGL will be an “irrevocable” Creative Commons License

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Dungeons and Dragons issued a Today’s statement By saying that the future of licensing open games will involve bringing its ground rules under jurisdiction Creative Commons. Creative Commons is “a nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing knowledge, and has developed a range of licenses to allow creators to do so,” according to Kyle Brink’s latest update,respectively pproducer in Dungeons and Dragons.

This decision is a direct response Many of the concerns that society had after that I mentioned io9 In OGL 1.1 Preliminary Draft on January 5th. The CC license will waive Wizards of the coastMaster the basic rules and mechanisms D&D To the non-profit organization that takes over the licensing responsibility, which means that Dungeons and Dragons and WOTC He wouldn’t be able to touch it nor would he be able to cancel it. Likewise, content beyond the remit of using the core rules will be subject to new OGL rules, dubbed 1.2, which will include specific language referring to the license as “irevocable” – a massive pressure point for creators who used the original OGL 1.0 and were concerned about the implications of the 30-day termination requirement in OGL 1.1.0 Update.

In addition, the statement says there will be “no royalty payments, no financial reporting, no re-licensing, no registration, and no distinction between commercial and non-commercial.” All of these things were objected to in the OGL 1.1 draft, mainly because they weren’t in OGL 1.0 and these “chained” contracts are deliberately going against the spirit of “open” play as described in Open the Games Foundation website.

There are some sticking points from OGL 1.1 that will carry over into the new OGL, called OGL 1.2. The most important thing that many creators have been worried about is the revocation of the OGL 1.0a license. This still goes forward, but Brink says so the The Creative Commons license is the company’s attempt to allay these concerns; specifically mentioned That all old content will not be affected by OGL 1.2, and will still be licensed by 1.0a – only newly published material should use OGL 1.2 instead. “One of the main reasons why we should revoke the authorization: We can’t use the protection options in 1.2 if someone could choose to post harmful, discriminatory, or illegal content under 1.0a.”

Wizards of the Coast seems committed to taking a tough stance on bigoted and hateful content – something people have praised in the leaked draft. “If you include harmful, discriminatory or illegal content (or publicly engage in such behavior), we can terminate your OGL 1.2 license to our content,” the statement reads. While this is, in theory, a well-intentioned and necessary policy, the reality is that this will require moderation and maintenance from the WOTC. In the wake of Sorry spelling‘s Inclusion and general treatment of HadoziWhether it remains to be seen D&D It is even able to curate this type of content in a way that is respectful, inclusive, and progressive. The idea, however, is a good one.

Additionally, Brink states that “what [Dungeons & Dragons] Here giving bona fide creators the same level of freedom (or higher, for CC rules) to create the TTRPG content that was so great for everyone, while giving us the tools to ensure the game continues to develop more inclusive and inviting.” Creative Commons is a good step towards making that happen, and it wouldn’t have happened if Dungeons and Dragons Creators, influencers, fans and third party publishers globally have come together to reject the proposed OGL 1.1.

The new OGL 1.2 license will be subject to the same type of Feedback and review that Dungeons and Dragons Books are subject to. In gaming parlance, this is called playtesting, and it allows fans to share their concerns with him Dungeons and Dragons directly. You can view a file OGL 1.2 is suggested herewith comment polls expected to be sent to WOTC by February 3, before the company’s report on these comments by or on February 17.

This article has been updated to show Wizards of the Coast moving Dungeons and Dragons The underlying mechanisms for licensing Creative Commons and third party materials will be within the remit of the proposed OGL 1.2.

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