Edeka sells an ex-hype product at an outrageous price


Edeka has recently been selling German rappers’ drinks at increasingly cheaper prices.Bild: / imago


Raphael Sims

German you might think rap music And supermarket drinks wouldn’t have much in common. However, an absolute trend in the scene has developed from this in recent years. But what was at first a huge boom seems to be getting less and less the people Interesting.

Whether it’s Capital Bra with “BraTee”, Shireen David with “DirTea”, Daman with “Haftea”, or Luciano with “Loco Juice”: They all wanted to take advantage of the hype. But while the products were initially so popular that Shireen David, for example, sold her iced tea 20 million times, recently things have gone in a different direction.

This winter in particular shows that rap stars can no longer sell their various drinks well. Over the past few months, it has been documented again and again on various social media platforms How supermarkets offer products at extremely low prices.

One example of such cases is the reduction in the price of Bushido iced tea from €1.29 per pint to €0.25. Even the aforementioned “DirTea”, which in the meantime was the clear market leader on the scene, could not save itself from this development and was sometimes sold for just a dime.

And I only reported last month WatsonThat Luciano’s juice, “Loco Juice,” was even handed out at one of Edeka’s branches. This in particular should be a big hit, as the product often sells for around €2.58. Further developments have now been announced.

A ridiculous new price has surfaced for “Loco Juice”

Even if the example given of “Loco Juice” may be an extreme case: the course remains recognizable.

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Lucianos commented under said photo fans For example, the juice was not delivered in another branch, but was sold for only €0.30. After that, the price rose again to €1.80, but now Luciano has to deal with another setback.

the page “RaptasticRefers to a new post that appeared recently on Instagram Spins. It shows how the edica branch sells “loko juice” for just 11 cents.

Loco Juice: Fans with clear opinions

In this case, the reason for the strong drop in price can be quickly identified: the expiration of the “best before” date is imminent. However, it must be borne in mind that there were stages where the drinks sold so well that they could not come close to that date.

There are over 140 comments on the new post so far. Most writers seem to be Opinion That the price is also reduced regardless of the date. It tastes too sweet, too artificial, anyway, musicians should come up with something of their own, says the following caption:

“How overkill, everyone bringing drinks. Why doesn’t everyone do what they’re doing?”

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