Eggflation: The Internet is turning to memes to deal with the rising price of eggs

Inflation has caused a number of costs of living in Canada.

Nowadays, $20 won’t get you much at the pump and the grocery store. from Gas prices to produce like lettuceAnd now … eggs.

The eggs are the last thing he bumps into Food inflation. The cost of a carton of eggs has gone up in both Canada and the United States.

According to the latest Census Canada report, although the country’s inflation rate slowed to 6.3% in December, Prices of some foods continue to rise. This includes egg prices, which increased by 16.5% compared to December 2021.

The United States is seeing a similar spike, with egg prices up 60% in December.

to me USA TodayThe average price of a dozen large first-class eggs was $1.93 in January 2022. By December, the price had risen to $4.25.

“$11.19 for 18 eggs?? I’ve decided I’m going to start laying eggs myself, and trust me if I think hard enough I hope to get them out! tweeted an angry shopper.

Of course, the internet did its thing and dealt with it the healthiest way it knows how – through memes.

Apparently, now owning eggs has become a symbol of wealth and success.

“After 7 years of busting an a** in Hollywood, I can say I finally made it!” One person tweeted a picture of an extravagant amount of eggs.

Rolex watches are usually a status symbol, but not many people can afford an egg on their wrist.

Others thanked the gods that cars don’t run on eggs.

Many decided to take advantage of the situation and went straight to reselling their eggs for a high price.

“$10 for an egg or $100 for the whole container. Egg prices have skyrocketed, so no low offers. I know what I have,” one person tweeted.

“I got 2 eggs for $5,” added another, sharing a photo of eggs packed in clear bags.

Others showed how eggs are sold in grocery stores.

There seems to be a place to put security locks on cartons as there is on electronics.

Apparently another store sells single eggs “in case you can’t afford to buy more”.

And how can egg creators benefit from that?

Hopefully, the egg swell doesn’t last until Easter.

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