Eight problems in TSV 1860: Köllner criticizes Gorenzel for the Holzhauser deal

It was just after ten o’clock on a Tuesday morning. Michael Kollner sat at a small brown table near Departure Gate 14 in Antalya. On the wall behind him was a fast food advertisement. That was the moment when the coach of TSV 1860 was supposed to sum up the week of training camp.

Of course, the transfer hiccups around Rafael Holzhauser were also problematic. And that ambivalence definitely falls into the realm of slow food. Something for people who are not in a hurry and can wait for food.

Kölner is annoyed by Holzhauser’s transfer theater

However, Köllner had a preference for fast food in matters of transportation – and was angry that the eighth problem had already been decided in the summer but not resolved to this day. “We are supposed to have money for the transfer and then I can’t carry out the transfer,” the 53-year-old complained.

The lion trainer considers the early announcement of Holzhauser’s name a “disaster”. This caused “a lot of damage”. In addition, he was tired of the endless ads. “They said we’d get to boot camp. Now boot camp is over and Mr. X is no longer here,” the coach complained, looking annoyed.

Sixty-eight problems!

‘Disaster’: According to Köllner, the public bickering over Holzhauser hurt the club.
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‘Disaster’: According to Köllner, the public bickering over Holzhauser hurt the club.

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A day and a half earlier, athletic director Gunter Gorenzel had explained at length at the team hotel that from the Lions’ perspective, all homework had been done and written commitments had not been kept by the other side. Everything is irrelevant for Köllner. Instead, he’s now pressuring Gorenzel: “We could say we can keep doing this until the summer. Okay. But that means to me the probability of being in the top three is not zero, but much less.”

A few days before the start in Waldhof-Mannheim on Saturday, there was an open confrontation with Gurenzel, whose area of ​​responsibility is this complex and who realizes the recipe for promotion in the team even without a new acquisition. However, Köllner sees the eighth as underequipped enough to consider him an obvious candidate for an upgrade. Köllner explained: “We wanted to sign eight in the summer and postponed it. Now it’s winter time and the eight are still not available. There is no good player in the position.”

“What does it mean to finish fourth? Yeah, the coach messed it up.”

What do the current eighth employees think of such statements? After all, Köllner denies his players a certain amount of wealth – whether he likes it or not. With Martin Kobylanski (“He will feel tired”), the coach sees certain fitness factors despite the extra shifts, Mariusz Wohrl (“Putting that burden on the shoulder of the 18-year-old”) is just beginning to gain a foothold in the professional business, and Eric Talij ( “comes over from the outside”) is not necessarily seen in the middle. “We have a really good team, no doubt we have a talented team,” said the coach. Only: “If you haven’t done your management stuff, then I’d say we’re a confident climber—I see that as a bit far-fetched.”

The 53-year-old clearly does not wish to be held responsible for things he warned about but never resolved. Or is he looking for an excuse if things go wrong? “What would it mean if we finished fourth? Yes, the coach messed it up,” Köllner said.

The case of Raphael Holzhauser: For the 1860 Test match against Kaiserslautern he appears to have been given a guest pass - but was used by OH Leuven in league operations that evening.

Thriller Holzhauser: The 60’s transfer request is now linked to Leicester City


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A coach – this is part of the truth – is also required to make the most of the opportunities that arise. And they’re not that bad – look at Sixty’s early season winning streak.

What Gorenzel thinks of his coach’s comments, he preferred to keep to himself on Tuesday. “No comment,” he told AZ after landing in Munich. The fact that things are boiling in the 60’s, even before the league starts to get serious again, shows just how dangerous it is until match day 38. It also shows that the unity of the Lions they swore for days in Turkey was by no means achieved – at least not at all levels.

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