Eintracht Frankfurt: Here’s what Kevin Trapp says about Bayern’s hessenschau.de hype

Did Bayern keep an eye on Eintracht goalkeeper Kevin Trapp? At the Frankfurt training camp, the goalkeeper talks at length about the rumors surrounding him.

Nicholas Herold From Dubai

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Kevin Trapp on transfer rumours

Kevin Trapp at a media session in Dubai

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It’s one of Eintracht Frankfurt’s most widely discussed personnel construction sites: goalkeeper Kevin Trapp’s contract extension. The goalkeeper’s contract with Hessen is still until the summer of 2024, and Frankfurt would like to extend it in the long term, and the goalkeeper has not yet decided. In addition, Trapp was linked with Bayern Munich shortly after the end of the year. The story caused such a stir that sporting director Markus Krosch felt compelled to classify the subject in plain words. Now Trapp has commented on the Bayern Munich hype.

“If something like that happens, it’s definitely an affirmation of my performance,” said the Dubai native Saarland. “But my side definitely didn’t fake it. We didn’t need to, but Marcus really made it clear,” Trapp explained. “It wasn’t a problem, I didn’t really deal with it. Of course I read it, it was not possible not to read it.”

“The only thing that was hot was the sun on vacation.”

After Bayern were reported to have contacted Trapp over an injury to national goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, sporting director Kroch described the whole matter at Wiesbadener Kurier as a story made up by consultants. It was said that Volker Stroth, Trapp’s advisor, was not very pleased with the statement.

According to hr-sport info, there wasn’t much in the whole Bayern hype anyway. According to reports, Trapp was not a real problem for Munich. “I can’t do what is written in the media,” said the guard. “I wasn’t too bothered by it. The only thing that was hot was the sun on vacation.”

Negotiations continue

Negotiations on extending the contract will, of course, continue in Frankfurt. Both parties still do not agree. “We are in talks and we have a good relationship. Neither I nor Eintracht say: ‘We must, we must,'” Trapp emphasized. “I come from Kaiserslautern and come back from Paris. Everyone knows how good I feel here. The club is on the right track.”

The goalkeeper did not want to reveal why he has not yet signed a new Eintracht contract despite this link. “But there are good discussions,” says Trapp. According to hr-sport info, Eintracht is offering the top performer a long-term contract until 2027, but with a different salary model.

Means: Trapp’s base salary, which is currently around €3.5m, will be lower in the future. Premiums will increase for this. It is now up to the DFB custodian to accept this offer – or refuse it. “We take the time everyone needs,” stressed the Dubai goalkeeper.

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