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2022 was historic from the point of view of Eintracht Frankfurt, but 2023 should be no less successful. The challenges and goals are great, as is the risk of change in the team. There is good news from the mascot Attila.

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Eintracht Frankfurt has made itself chic. Just in time for the official start of 2023 football, Bundesliga club Hessian opened its newly furnished press conference room on its professional campus on Thursday and presented itself in the club’s flagship style. Gone are the days of wooden chairs, coffee machines, and carelessly filled sandwiches.

When the Champions League speaks to the world (the media), they can make themselves comfortable in armchairs eating a tomato and mozzarella panini. The ambiance is very reminiscent of a TV studio, even the technology works smoothly. Eintracht are back on the big stage and want to enjoy the limelight a little longer. Immediately!

Eintracht is not enough

There is no time to rest, as PK premiere guests Markus Krösche and Axel Hellmann emphasized in unison, despite the most relaxed atmosphere. “We’re not getting anything for what happened. We’re just getting for what’s to come,” CEO Hillman asserted. “We can’t be complacent. It’s about formulating ambitious goals,” sporting director Kroch added.

The clear message: After the amazing 2022which the team was coached by Oliver Glassner Won the European League And in a furious first series that broke into fourth place in the Bundesliga table, 2023 should also be historic. Eintracht is far from enough and ready for the next chapter in its history book. Of the growing ambitions of the Hessians, Crouch said, “We want to go to the limit and not limit ourselves to the top. We want to push the boundaries.” The sky is the limit. Just don’t turn around now.

Beat Napoli in the Champions League

But what exactly does that mean? First of all, Frankfurters feel very comfortable in new areas that were unimaginable a few years ago and want to remain part of the football elite.

At the national level, it should be fourth place at the end of the season and thus qualify for the Champions League again, even if Krosh presents it more cautiously. international though Hammerloses SSC Neapel Premier League quarter-finals is the big target.

“We have to go to the extreme and we want to get to the next round. We have to improve to stay in good shape,” said Crouch. “The grapes don’t hang down, they hang up,” Heilmann says. Is it time for restraint? That was once.

Kamada, N’Dicka, and Sow’s future is open

However, it is also clear that short-term sporting success can – on the one hand – end quickly. On the other hand, the upcoming season and long-term success could have a decisive influence. Keyword: squad composition and wishes of other clubs.

It’s no secret that Daichi Kamada and Ivan Ndica, whose contracts expire after the season, are on the list of the most powerful clubs. The fact that Djibril Sow and, above all, World Cup shooting star Randall Kolo Mwani can use Eintracht as a springboard to the very big glittering world is not. If Eintracht misses the goals they set for themselves and the Champions League, chances of survival will drop dramatically. Even with an angry second half However, in the long term, there is a risk of another change in the team.

Kroos summed up the initial situation of the negotiations: “Other clubs have more money. That’s exactly the case.” Kamada, N’Dicka, and Sow knew about the plans the Hessians had for them. “We’ll see what the next few weeks bring.”

Kroch relaxed at Kullu Mwani

With Kolo Muani, “completely humbled and grateful,” Krösche is still very comfortable. “He almost catapulted France to the title but also saw he could still learn.” In other words: the development is not yet complete. And the best thing for his development is to continue his commitment in Frankfurt. Colo Mane may still see it that way.

In the long run, Crouch also emphasized that in addition to the further development of outside talents such as Kolo Muani, the integration of our talents is also a primary concern. “We have to make sure our youth team players get regular minutes in the Bundesliga.” A project that many other club and team planners have failed. What Eintracht will look like next season: Unconfirmed.

Attila may come

Things are very different, and the first press conference in the new rooms also got an animal tale from the mascot Attila. There is clarity about the future of the golden eagle, with animal protection organization PETA calling for stadiums to be banned in favor of the bird.

“The match against Schalke 04 will take place in the presence of Attila,” Heilmann declared, answering what was probably the most important question of the afternoon. “We are in contact with PETA, but have found no evidence of animal cruelty.” This will also be explained.

Pure joy in Eintracht after their victory over Limassol.

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