embezzled money? The Public Prosecutor’s Office examines allegations against the authority

VfB Stuttgart faces new problems: After filing a complaint, the Public Prosecutor’s Office examines allegations of infidelity against the VfB Executive Committee about Claus Vogt.

The Stuttgart Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating allegations of breach of trust against officials at VfB Stuttgart. This was confirmed by a spokesman for the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the request of T-Online. A corresponding criminal complaint was received by the authorities. According to its own statement, the VfB has not yet been informed of the investigation.

For several months, the Stuttgart 1893 eV club had been worried about a possible breach of the laws. Specifically, the allegation that the former VfB women’s team doctor was paid by the club while the team was already part of VfB Stuttgart AG, i.e. an outsourced professional division. As a result, the association’s funds were misappropriated, according to the criminal complaint, which is available on t-online. It is directed against the Presidium, i.e. Klaus Vogt, Rainer Adrian and Christian Reithmüller.

against two members of the Association’s advisory board, Dr. Dr. Marc-Nicolai Schlicht and Professor André BuehlerAccusations had previously been raised that they had broken club laws by working for VfB AG. In Schlecht’s case, it was alleged that the VfB executive board used a ruse to keep him on the club’s advisory board. But this can take revenge now.

VfB integrates the women’s team into the AG

According to the association’s statutes, no elected member of the VfB Stuttgart eV committee may be employed by VfB Stuttgart AG at the same time. This was originally introduced to ensure the eV control function on the AG.

This segment became a problem for Schlecht when the women’s soccer team was transferred from eV to AG. This happened in September 2022 backdated to July 2022. Until then, Marc-Nicolai Schlicht served as physician for the women’s first team and consequently lost his position on the club’s advisory board in accordance with the statutes. At least this was the opinion of the law firm “Luther”, which considered the case on behalf of the former VFP presidential candidate Pierre-Enrique Steiger.

VfB started its own tests and came to the conclusion that there was no breach of the laws, as Schlecht had worked with AG as the women’s team doctor, but his contract with the club had been concluded. The fact that the club paid for a service rendered at the AG – without compensation – could mean misappropriation of the club’s funds of VfB Stuttgart eV.

Conflict over the work of Marc-Nicolai Schlicht

The t-online has indications that officials have been informed of a possible conflict between Schlecht’s work as a doctor and his position on the club’s advisory board during the merger of the women’s team into VfB VAG in September. At that time, a conscious decision was made to leave the costs in the eV.

This topic became public only in November, after VfB blogger Andreas Schiebehardt published a report commissioned by Pierre-Enric Steiger, also available on the Internet, and a little later published by the Stuttgarter Zeitung.

“VfB Stuttgart has not received any report nor inquiry request from the Public Prosecutor,” a VfB spokesperson said, upon request from t-online. It is also said that it is not possible to comment on a criminal complaint, the content of which is not known. “However, if there is an accusation, as the media suspects, that the Presidium paid for Mark Nikolay Schlicht’s services as team doctor through eV at eV’s expense, even though he actually worked for AG, we would point out that he has denied this allegation entirely.”

The Public Prosecutor’s Office refused to provide any further information about the case.

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