Every major change a movie makes is in the Scooby-Doo characters

WARNING: THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS SPOILERS OF THE FIRST TWO EPISODES OF film.Twisted subview film Remake of beloved characters from the classics Scooby Doo so far. Most of these changes are unique to the setting filmsuch as the characters’ backgrounds and the parents being different from what they were in the classics Scooby Doo Cartoons that inspired her. However, some of the changes are significant, as the characters act radically differently from how their original incarnations did.

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HBO Max Adult Animated Series film Inspired by controversy immediately after it was first announced. Most of the criticism came from fans of the original Scooby Doo The cartoon that felt like A.J R-rated takes on Scooby Doo It was a bad idea. While it is debatable how effective it is film Both Scooby Doo And the idea of ​​dark reboots in general (where the show specifically calls out other series like Riverdale)It’s undeniable that the core cast is recognizable as deviant variants of the Mysteries Inc. gang. original.

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Most of the gang members were casting blind races for Velma

Velma Pilot Fred and Daphne outside the police station
Velma Pilot Fred and Daphne outside the police station

Visually, the most noticeable change to Scooby’s gang film Is the diverse cast. my producers film He used blind casting, finding the best actor for each role and then changing the character’s physicality to reflect the actor. This resulted in a South Asian Velma, Asian Daphne, and Black Shaggy, reflecting the ethnic backgrounds of both actors Mindy Kaling, Constance Wu, and Sam Richardson. This has no effect on their characters or story filmIt goes beyond, however, the way Fred gets special treatment for being rich and white. However, this change from the original Scooby Doo triggered a racist reaction before launching the offer.

The Mysteries Inc. Collection Not all friends…yet

Film 13

like film It opens, the characters aren’t the legendary puzzle-solving team they’re destined to become, though Velma’s opening narration talks about how they’ll becomeThe greatest team of spooky puzzle solvers ever. Of the four main characters, only Velma and Norville have a friendly relationship. Fred has no idea that Velma and Norville exist, and Daphne and Velma are former friends-turned-enemies. Fred and Daphne are dating, but their relationship is one-on-one rather than romantic, with the two dating only for the sake of appearances. It will take time for the actors film to develop himself Classic strong friendship Scooby Doo Gang.

Vilma has a completely different home life

Velma Dinkley with his father and his new girlfriend

While the teens’ personalities remained consistent in most iterations Scooby DooTheir backgrounds and those of their parents differed greatly. For example, in reality Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated, Velma’s parents were named Dale and Angie Dinkley, and they ran a museum. in filmHer father is a lawyer, Aman Dinkley, and her mother is a novelist, Dea Dibbley. However, Velma’s home life is far from happy, as her mother had gone missing years earlier, and her father had begun dating Sophie, the owner of the local malt shop. like film It opens, Sophie is pregnant and Aman fixates on her and the new baby, much to Vilma’s annoyance.

Velma suffers from severe hallucinations


There is some irony in the classics Scooby DooVelma became famous for being practically blind without it Her trademark thick glasses, but she usually picks up clues that the other teens missed and “saw” more than anyone else. HBO Max’s title character film Suffering from a different vision problem, she suffers nightmarish hallucinations whenever she is faced with a puzzle that must be solved. This is because of Velma’s guilt that she was responsible for her mother’s disappearance, as she disappeared while shopping for a Christmas gift that would surprise Velma after an amateur detective accidentally discovered where all her gifts were hidden.

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Daphne is adopted by two policemen

Daphne Blake and her mothers

in most Scooby Doo series, Daphne Blake comes from a wealthy and conservative family. film Made two major changes to Daphne’s backstory. The first is that she was adopted and has no idea who her biological parents are. The second is that her adoptive parents are a gay couple, and they are both detectives with the Crystal Cove Police Department.

Fred is the heir to a haute couture empire

Gentleman Accessories ad for Velma Jones

Fred Jones led the classics Scooby Doo Gangalthough most of the former Scooby Doo The series said little about his family and their history. The only exception to this was Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporatedwhere Fred’s parents, Judy and Brad, led the original Mystery Incorporated team before producing a TV show, Shearing and shearing, based on their adventures. in filmFred’s parents, Victoria and William Jones, run a profitable clothing empire based on high-quality gentlemen’s accessories, such as Ascot. They also run a women’s clothing line, called Jones Gentlemen’s Accessories for Women.

Norville does not go through unkempt and ambitious

Vilma Pilot Norville writes anti-drug article

From each team cast the core film, Shaggy is perhaps the most altered from his classic counterpart. The biggest difference is that Shaggy doesn’t call himself Shaggy, using Shaggy’s original birth name is Norville Rogers. Norville is also an overachiever, and fiercely dedicated to his job as editor of the Crystal Cove high school newspaper, in marked contrast to Shaggy’s usual attitude. However, this academic focus is not surprising, given that Norville’s mother is the principal of Crystal Cove High School and his father is the school’s guidance counselor.

Fred is a Savant idiot, minus Savant

Velma Fred Jones and Parents

Most of Fred Jones’ incarnations Scooby Doo He tends to be portrayed as absent-minded but gentle, with an innate talent for strategy, leadership, and improvising elaborate traps. filmThe Fred Jones version is nowhere near as efficient as the classic Fred. In fact, this surrogate was spoiled so badly by his wealthy parents that he could not cut his own food or dress himself without the help of a servant.

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Norville is a snooty foodie

Velma Norville and his Snack Food vlogger

Beyond his lazy attitude and constant rumors about him being a drug user, Scooby Dooshaggy He has always been defined by his indiscriminate appetite. Norville Rogers is very different, being a foodie with exotic tastes, though he shares a classic enthusiasm for the foods he loves and a fondness for flavor combinations that most would find disgusting. film Episode two, “The Candy Man,” reveals that Norville is running a streaming show where he talks about his fuzzy favorite foods, including Peking-style shrimp chips, kiwi, and whitefish-flavored snacks.

Daphne and Velma are bisexual

Velma and Daphne get close to kissing in Velma Episode 2

Scooby Doo Fans have been joking for years about Filma being gay, long before the 2022 movie Scooby Doo! She confirmed that Velma is attracted to women. It was also implied that, although never confirmed, Velma was a lesbian in Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated a series. James Gunn Live Action Scooby Doo film It was also intended to confirm Velma’s sexuality, but studio intervention prevented this from happening. film It introduces a more complex dynamic, using Scooby Doo The two heroines, Velma and Daphne, share a kiss in the last moments of the series film Episode 2, “The Candy Man”. This establishes both characters as bisexual, since they have also been shown to be attracted to Fred Jones.

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