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The big handshake and hug at the start of the year against Bayern Munich (1-1) also sounded like a transition to a new era at RB Leipzig. Former coach Oliver Mintzlaff (47) was in the middle before kick-off, but he took it back more and more. Max Eberle (49) hugged everyone who crossed his path all day as he returned to the Bundesliga. The new manager is the new face of the Saxons. He wants and is supposed to develop RB 2.0 after the departure of architects Mintzlaff and Ralf Rangnick (64).

SPORT BILD explains the major building sites for the biggest upset in young RB history.

The fact that Eberle wants and is allowed to shape things is shown by the new management structure in the sporting field. A few weeks ago it was reported that RB did not have the budget to hire an experienced sports director. Eberl’s new assistants must act and earn higher salaries at the scouting level. But according to information from SPORT BILD, the new manager insisted on a structure with him as managing director and team planner. In all likelihood, it will be Reuven Schroeder (47). The RB agrees with the former Schalke 04 player, who has previously formed teams in Mainz, Bremen and Fürth. The process of moving poker with S04 will start soon. Schröder’s contract, which runs until 2024, has been suspended since the end of October at his request.


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Now, however, there are indications that Schalke can’t make as much money with the changeover as Gladbach did with Eberle’s version. The fillies raise up to 3.5 million euros for the manager. RB wants to use an agreement reached by Schroeder and Schalke when the sporting director resigned for his new assistant position. which states that he can go for a minimum transfer fee. In the case of RB Leipzig, that’s around €700,000.

April will have his favorite partner by his side. However, transport binary will not be able to freely decide everything in the future. Already on handover and also in the past few weeks, Mintzlaff, as the new Red Bull boss and chairman of the Supervisory Board in Leipzig, has made it clear that the RB 2.0 must also adhere to the old guidelines. This applies above all to the team’s philosophy.

Current example: Eberle met player advisor Dirk Lever (50) about the match against Bayern. It was about Dortmund’s national player Marco Rios (33), who is free in the summer. However, moving to Leipzig will not be a problem. Red Bull continues to focus on transferring young players with development and resale potential.

Just like Dani Olmo (24 years old). The Spaniard came in 2020 for a fee that has now grown to €29m thanks to performance bonuses. However, according to Transfermarkt.de, his market value is already €40 million. In fact, RB will take more with the playmaker…


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How is it supposed to work? Eberl wants to extend the contract with Olmo beyond 2024. Talks are in full swing, even if the current salary of around eight million euros increases slightly. The Spaniard was talking about something else in the negotiations: an exit clause to be applied immediately. Because Olmo, who moved to Zagreb from Barcelona’s youth academy, has a big career dream: he would like to play for Barcelona or Real Madrid – and with a similar offer he has a solid transfer opportunity.

Therefore, negotiations now seem to lead to an interesting solution: Olmo gets a general release clause in the range of €70-75m – the second for offers from Spain. These clubs will then receive a discount and may “only” have to pay around €60m.

For now, RB doesn’t seem to have much to worry about. From Spain, it is said that Barcelona cannot pay Olmo in the summer. Real is looking for other jobs.


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Good for Eberl, who already has to replace two of his best performers. League top scorer Christopher Nkunku (25) goes to Chelsea in the summer for €60m. And the announcement of the free transfer from Konrad Leimer (25) to Bayern is approaching. According to information from SPORT BILD, FC Barcelona contacted Austria last week and expressed interest through an intermediary. Leimer and the chancellors refused, after everything they had agreed with Bayern…

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