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1-0 in Gladbach! FC St. Pauli is under threat of relegation – but coach Fabian Hurtzler’s team won the test against first-division club Gladbach.

Previously, Hurtzler took endurance tests against Union Berlin (2:3) and Lugano (Switzerland, 7:2). For at least one Kiez player, points in the Bundesliga will also be at stake next season.

Captain on board – Bacarada becomes a native of Cologne

Leart Paqarada (28) would have loved playing in the top flight this season. Nothing came of it. But his dream will come true next season. The left-back will not extend his expiring contract at Millerntor and will switch to 1. FC Köln. Al-Masaa newspaper was the first to report this before setting off.

Christian Keeler (43), sports coach at 1. FC Köln, says of Paqarada: “He is the best left-back in the second division and I think it would be good if he played with us.” He does not want to say more about the deal because “he still has a contract with St. Pauli and feels like chasing after half of the first Bundesliga.”

The second match after cancer Haller with a hat-trick in 7 minutes

According to BILD’s information, Paqarada has already canceled other Bundesliga clubs – even Rhine rivals Gladbach were said to be with him – but has given FC his commitment. The transaction only needs to be approved and announced.

Free transfer is not an important detail. “It would also be interesting to us if he still had a contract,” Keeler reveals. “But then we will have completely different formal requirements.”

Keeler is fully convinced of Bacarada’s qualities. “He has been playing consistently for years and is very intelligent. He has a high level of technical ability to play and is very secure in building the game, even under opposition pressure. He has many solutions and puts a lot of pressure into the opposition penalty area with very good cross play. Plus That said, he’s very dangerous with set pieces.But he still has room for improvement.”

Andreas Bornemann, St. Pauli’s sports director, 51, did not want to comment on Bild’s request.

Paqarada was completely convincing at Borussia Park. He was the first to bang on the goal of Jan Sommer (5th). Sommer also blocked Bakarada’s second shot (38 minutes).

In between, Paqarada elegantly set up David Otto’s dream goal to make it 0-1 in the opponent’s penalty area (24). Otto: “I get it right. At the moment I don’t have much to do. The ball comes easily behind. And then it’s good to use the heel.” That was great now that he’s worked.”

Apart from goalkeepers Sören Ahlers and Sascha Burchert, all the professionals who traveled to Gladbach were used. Even if the playing time is sometimes less than in the past.

Coach Fabian Hurzeler: “There is a mixed result. We are satisfied with the result. Test match wins give self-confidence and create a positive atmosphere. But we don’t hold them too high. We saw a lot of positive returns in the match with the ball, but also against the ball.”

And further: “Where we can still improve obviously is to play the last pass in the final third. You just have to play the football, find your free-mate and then finish the goal. Once we lost the ball, Gladbach made us strong.”

FC St. Petersburg Paoli: Vasilj – Bakarada (80. Retzka), Mets (46. Medic), Smith (60. Bevos), Dzuigala (80. Boukhalfa), Salaikas (80. Witkhof) – Hartl (46. Aremo), Irvine (60), Dashner (80 SA), Otto (60 Morris), Metcalf (80. Matanovic).

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