Field Hockey World Championship: England vs Germany – Live Tape – Quarter Finals – India 2023

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    Germany must come. However, Gonzalo Pellat plays a calculable pass to the top, and possession of the ball changes again.

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    Liam Ansell

    Liam Ansell


    England 2-0 goal by Liam Ansell

    This could have been avoided. David Condon takes the penalty to David Ames, who sets it up for Liam Ansell. The 29-year-old hits the ball neatly into the far corner. Nothing could be done for Alexander Stadler, but the standard could have been defended more consistently beforehand.

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    The danger seemed to have been averted, but the English immediately launched the next wave of attacks. Mats Grambusch fouls in a circle, and the third penalty kick follows immediately.

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    Two penalties in a row for the British. But Teo Hinrichs can explain.

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    The second round begins with a penalty kick for England. Gonzalo Pilat gets the ball on his foot.

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    Timur Uruz

    Timur Uruz


    Green Card for Timur Oroz (Germany)

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    beginning of the third quarter

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    Mid-term conclusion:
    Looking at the entire first half, Germany had the largest share of the game. However, in the 13th minute, Hanama conceded an unfortunate goal from Zack Wallace, as Stuart Rashmere had previously not been greatly troubled by four men. Towards the end of the second quarter, Germany launched one last attack which included two penalties, but Oliver Payne was there twice.

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    end of the second quarter

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    It’s about five meters down the line. But the challenge is rejected!

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    The first half seems to be history. But England takes video evidence again! What did the British see there?

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    The next penalty corner for the Hanamas team, this time Gonzalo Biellat ends! But Oliver Payne is back.

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    The penalty comes to nothing, England suspect a substitute. However, Germany stays on the offensive and Tobias Wellen turns out to be the finisher! The bullet from the schooner Oliver Payne apparently struck Nicholas Park’s arm. The scene is checked.

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    The first penalty kick in the game! Teo Hinrichs was blocked on his way to the circuit by Ian Sloan. Not a hard foul, but enough for a penalty.

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    Once again, the English appear out of nowhere in front of the German box! Once again, it’s Zachary Wallace who gets up fast and pulls hard. However, in the left corner, your teammate was in the way, and the ball would have just swooped in.

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    The Hanama have recovered and are now putting on much more pressure! Christopher Rohr was freed into the right corner, but the umpires saw something.

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    Germany is still in possession. Top scorer Niklas Wellen now has one of his rare football contacts.

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    Hanama finally appears in circles again! Marco Meltkau passes the ball to Theis Prinz, who does not hit the ball correctly.

  • 19.


    England is still moving forward. Zack Wallace, who plays for Eredivisie club HGC, is a consistent asset.

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    Zachary Wallace quickly takes a free kick. However, Tom Grambusch could intercept the sharp cross from the left.

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    The second quarter is on, and now Germany must get back into the game better.

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    beginning of the second quarter

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    Quarterly conclusion:
    Indeed, Germany got off to a commanding and dominant start, appearing in more circles in the first 10 minutes. Stuart Rashmere and Zachary Wallace somehow got their way in the opener with England’s first notable attack.

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    end of the first quarter

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    Now England seems to have tasted blood. In their final attack, however, the Three Lions ran out a quarter of the clock.

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    Now, of course, it will be very difficult against the English, who have not conceded a single goal in the tournament so far.

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    Zachary Wallace

    Zachary Wallace


    England 1-0 goal by Zachary Wallace

    With a powerful first push, England take the lead. Stuart Rashmere picks up the ball and somehow hits it with four men in a circle. In practice, Zachary Wallace just has to keep the racket in and hit it flat at the right angle. Alexander Stadler is powerless from this distance.

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    The Hanamas have had 51 percent of the ball so far. There seems to be more.

  • 10.


    Lack of Focus With Tom Grambusch, the German urgency phase is over for the time being.

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    Marco Meltkau wins in the left half of the circle duel with Liam Sanford and forces Oliver Payne to make the first save! But the angle is very sharp.

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    Honama’s first dangerous score! Moritz Trompertz plays in the center of the circle and completes the role. The technical end just barely misses the left corner.

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    The start of the match is still somewhat restricted for both teams. A lot happens in midfield.

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    An unnecessary third bad pass by the English, already known for their good starts to games.

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    So far, not much has worked for the British together. For the second time they play the ball from a standing position.

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    The first attempt was made by captain Mats Grambusch, but Moritz Trompertz was promptly delivered in the area.

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    Here it begins! Germany in white, England in red.

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    The beginning of the game

  • 12:08

    As usual in hockey tournaments, punctuality is not particularly important. But at least the anthems are actually being played.

  • 11:51

    Potential semi-final opponents have already been decided: Australia will be waiting in the semi-finals after beating Spain 4-3 yesterday. Incidentally, the venue for the entire knockout round is the 16,000-seater Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar.

  • 11:44

    For readers who may only follow field hockey in the major tournaments: Unlike the Olympic Games, England, Scotland and Wales compete separately in the World and European Championships and not as a joint Great Britain team. England finished fourth in the 2010, 2014 and 2018 World Cups.

  • 11:37

    England have been one of the surprises in the World Cup so far, drawing 0-0 with hosts India and are the only team other than the Netherlands to not concede a goal. Thanks to India’s better goal difference, the Three Lions reached the quarter-finals outright, meaning they didn’t feature in the weekend’s matches.

  • 11:32

    Of course, the Belgians were already eye-level contenders in the group stage – but the leading European leaders were able to afford a draw against the Western Europeans, even if a detour through the cross-country run had to be taken eventually. There they beat the weak French 5: 1.

  • 11:28

    Good morning, and welcome to the quarter-finals of the German hockey team in the World Cup in India! With England, Honamas today awaits his first real test of endurance. It starts at 12:00!

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