“Fighting the best” against the Netherlands: DHB stormed into the quarter-finals of the World Handball Championship

Handball players in Germany passed the entrance exam, With 33:26 (15:12) victory over the Netherlands I got to the quarter-finals of the World Cup early. Fifth match, fifth win – the party continues. Your Gdansk ticket in your pocket, now on Mondays (8.30pm, ARD) only for a group victory. “It was a great fighting performance. In the end we had more courage. That was the deciding factor,” said goalkeeper Andreas Wolf. National team coach Alfred Gislason praised his goalkeeper, saying: “It was amazing. But I also have to pay tribute to myself, Julian Koster and Johannes Gola. It was a great performance.”


In the knockout rounds, France or Spain are the opponents. “Dear Spain. France is very, very strong this year,” Norwegian star Sander Sagossen said already. The man from Kiel “did the job” with his team against Qatar (30:17). The Germans followed suit.

But Sagosin warned the Orange Express: “They exit the starting block at 200 kilometers per hour.” The Dutch weren’t so fast with clever playmaker Luke Staines, who was only 1.72m tall, but they could at least make it 2-0 (third place). But Germany gained safety thanks to a highly mobile defense that pushed the seams well when moving sideways. And DHB’s pick collects the first big points, actions that define games. Goalkeeper Andreas Wolf bought the first penalty from Magdeburg’s Kai Smits who was safe from the seven-metre line. Juri Knorr made the first lead after twelve minutes (5:4).

But it was a tough fight in front of 6,250 spectators. The playful ease of the previous games was missing. Julian Koster revived the game from the backcourt, while Jory Knorr continued to develop his skills with his patrol and leadership of the game. But again and again mistakes crept into the offensive game, for which “TeamNL” punished with counterattacks. However, Knorr and his partners remained ahead in the intense confrontation. And Wolf was always in the crosshairs of DHB. Ten saves before the end of the first half – great. The 3,500 German fans celebrated him again and again with the songs “Andy, Andy”. The combination of functions was also reflected in the result (15: 11/28).


Germany withdraws after a difficult initial phase

The initial decision was made after the break: Knorr, right winger Patrick Grotzky, Koster and needle pokes ahead, and Wolfe scores on defense (15 saves). Deserved: He was honored with the Man of the Match title after the match. And when he was not there, the column and crossbar helped. With five straight goals, the Germans rallied to 20:12 (39th). “Ole, Ole, Super Germany” fell out of the ranks early on. The Dutch needed nine minutes against the German defensive wall to break through for the first time. And even that only after throwing seven meters. When Knorr scored for the ninth time and Germany rallied for an eight-plus goal after 45 minutes, the German handball team got going.

RB Leipzig’s Luka Wetzky said: “We are really happy. The support from the stands was great, we wore the Dutch in our defence. In addition, we had a great goalkeeper in Andy Wolf. The Dutch played in the second half. In attack there are no more solutions.” Now we also want to win the group. We don’t worry about a possible opponent in the quarter-finals, we will take the next team. “

Germany goals: Knorr 9/6, Groetzki 5, Golla 4, K. Häfner 4, Köster 4, Steinert 2, Weber 2, Kohlbacher 1, Mertens 1, Witzke 1.

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