Florian Silberisen is very close to Beatrice Egli

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What is going on between Florian Silberisen and Beatrice Igli? In “The Great Schlager Farewell” the two stood close together on stage – scenes that are supposed to spark rumors again!

Leipzig – in the press gossip tangled around Florian Silberisen (41) Regularly all kinds of rumors, but the successful star keeps his private life as secret as possible. Officially, the 41-year-old has been single since his split from Helen Fisher, 37, but he’s been said to have several love affairs – but none of them have been confirmed! However, one name keeps popping up: the popular musician is said to have a very special relationship with Beatrice Egli (34).

Rumors about Florian Silberisen and Beatrice Egli – the dream couple of Schlager?

after that last Between Stefan Moross (47) and Anna-Karina Wojciech (30) he brokeNow, the number of couples dreaming of a slugger is completely manageable. Two stars of the industry fit perfectly together, as can be heard over and over again from fan circles: Florian Silbereisen and Beatrice Egli.

Florian Silberisen and Beatrice Igli singing together (photomontage)
Time and again, Florian Silberisen and Beatrice Egli are said to have more than a friendly relationship in the gossip press. On “For the Last Time: Farewell to the Big Hit,” the two make a fuss with plenty of familiarity (photo montage) © Future Image / Imago

The Bavarian and the Swiss have been on stage together for years: Silbereisen mostly as manager, Egli as a popular frequent guest in his “Die Feste” shows. Also at Jurgen Drews’ farewell concert “For the Last Time: Farewell to the Big Hit” (January 14 at 8:15 p.m. 1st), the two are once again part of the party in this constellation. The show is already taped for 2022, so the first photos of the show are already public — and the two hit stars look as familiar as ever!

These stars celebrate Jürgen Drews in “Big Hit Farewell”:

Thomas Anders

Mighty Kelly

bin sugar

Roland Kaiser

Beatrice is

Andrew Gabalier

Andy Borg

Anna Maria Zimmerman

Bernard Brink

Melissa Nashinwing

Ross Anthony

Marian Rosenberg

Mickey Krause


Florian Silbereisen and Beatrice Egli are very familiar with “Farewell Beat” – they sing each other close

Florian Silberisen and Beatrice Egli sing closely together First class cast “Schlagerabschied” The duet almost seems a little in love. The footage shows how the 34-year-old embraces the popular musician. He, in turn, touches her hair with his lips, stroking a DSDS winner from 2013 several times on her hand at hip height — a familiar back-and-forth-finger gesture. But is this evidence that there really is more going on between the two?

Often what seems like great feelings are part of the show on TV. Florian Silberisen and Beatrice Egli once commented on their alleged love affair. They even joked on one show, “Are we dating now or are we breaking up?” On a personal level, the two definitely seem to have a crush on her. This is not a normal matter in the infected world: only recently has there been an indication of this Despite the announcement, Anna Karina Wojciech is no longer on tour with Stefan Moros we will go. Sources used: imago-images.de, mdr.de, daserste.de

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