Footage of mum of ‘rude’ Panera Bread employee backfires completely after it goes viral

The Panera Bread customer didn’t get the reaction she probably expected when lifting up Shots of a “rude” employee to her Tik Tok the account.

Mother And Tik Toker @employee She had more than 17.7 million views and almost 95,000 comments when she posted the video online – but many of those comments were not in her favor.

While we saw interactions through the car you go Widely before – as with Starbucks barista Who is the She reluctantly revealed to a client that there was a problem with her makeup application@employeeInspires the video of food industry.

The video appears to start in the middle of the action, with @employee A Panera Bread employee asks, “So you’re going to refuse to take my order because my baby was screaming?”

The employee calmly replies, “Yes, I have the right to do so” – and then explains to Illiterate She is most welcome to come in to place her order, or stay in her car and order online.

straight on cue, @employeeLittle daughter screaming in the background. The mother then reveals to a Panera Bread employee that she has been filming their interaction and plans to email the footage “to the company”.

“That’s just completely rude,” she says. I can’t go in because my daughter is not wearing shoes. Do you understand that?”

The employee calmly reiterates that she can order online – to which the mother objected, saying she did not have the “extra 20 minutes” it would take to order online. “It’s not right for me,” she says. “Your job is to take orders and stuff, which is ridiculous. So I’d like you to take my order, please.”

After a long, measured silence, the Panera Bread employee calmly replied, “Well, I’ll be happy to take your order, as long as your daughter doesn’t scream. OK?”

“I think that is a very good decision on your part.” @employee replies.

To this, the employee resolutely replies, “Well, you don’t need this situation.”

Then the video ends abruptly – however @employee‘s Widely The journey was just the beginning.

“Team Panera Man!”

Almost 100,000 TikTokers have weighed in @employeeThe video in the comments section, most of which expressed support for the Panera Bread employee.

“I’m a mom and I’m Team Panera Guy! He handled this so well it wasn’t worth her condescending tone!” wrote one user.

“It’s hard to communicate through loudspeakers without a baby screaming. She’d go absolutely mad if her order was wrong. Team Panera Guy!” another user commented.

One user wrote: “Team Panera, I felt they handled the situation well and I feel very sorry about him receiving the threat of taking the video to the company.”

“My mom is here. 1000% with Panera Guy. Give him a pay raise and promotion please for him to put up with,” another comment read.

“I’m with Panera!! You don’t want to waste 20 minutes placing an order online but you want to waste time arguing 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️,” said another user.

“I’m with Panera, it’s hard to take your order if your child is screaming, order online and they’ll bring it out…easily!” wrote one user.

“I’m with Panera. 😭 If my son can’t calm down for a few seconds it takes me to order, I drive away and we eat Homepagecommented one of the parents.

“As a Panera employee, when a child screams into the intercom, it hurts our ears! The microphone is so loud it can be hard to understand,” said one of his colleagues at Panera Bread.

in Follow the videoAnd @employee TikTokers reported that she will soon meet with the District Manager of Panera Bread to discuss her driving experience. Let’s just say it doesn’t agree with the majority [these] Comments,” she said. Comments for this video are turned off.

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