Frank Rosen in a fit of rage: “He’d rather be rolled out in an octagon!”

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  • A village looking for an owner.
  • Star Chef Frank Rosen is looking for a special edition Rosin’s Restaurant (Kabel Eins)—and once again he pays his heartfelt compliments to the applicants.
  • Obviously the star chef: “The cleaning lady’s cleaning water tastes better!”

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Germany is looking for a great host! everybody Deutschland? number! A village inhabited by indomitable citizens that never ceases to resist the death of pubs. In the town of Darup in Münsterland, the town’s last innkeeper has shut off his water tap for good after 40 years. However, Daruper did not want to accept this. After all, village and club life need a warm meeting place.

The place in Münsterland with 700 homes not only raised nearly 400,000 euros for the renovation of the beloved village restaurant “Unser Landgasthaus”. A TV chef has also been appointed Frank Rosen, who must find a suitable tenant out of three applicants. Casting with unexpected hitches and turns, as demonstrated by “Rosin’s Special Restaurants” on Cabel Eyes.

Frank Rosen is surprised: “Haven’t you done that before?”

On the first day, all three applicants must be served a small plate. Rosen invited the 60 people represented at the venue to the tasting. Whoever did not satisfy the taste of those who ate the Darup test, at least had to go home again. Good that the three candidates have trained, right? “Have you not done that before?” Frank Rosen couldn’t believe it.

Applicant Olena (37), a native of Ukraine from Regensburg, wanted to prepare prunes with almonds in bacon—for the first time: “Brave,” thought the mother, scratching her head in disbelief: “It’s just like when I’m in the Olympics I sign up to play vault. long jump but you’ve never done the long jump!”

Finally, there was only bronze for Olena. For the blonde, the culinary molding was already over. Sebastian (35), a trained hotel specialist and current discount branch manager from Gotha, and Sven (47), Chef de Partie in Hamburg at a five-star hotel, had one round.

Rosen's Special Dinner
Olena, Sven and Sebastian (left) want to take over the last inn in Darup. Frank Rosen (right) has a say in that.

© Kapil Ain

The test eaters weren’t convinced: “Like gummy bears in vanilla sauce!”

The next day, Thuringian Sebastian had to prove himself on his own. 30 of Darup’s test eaters were just as satisfied with his rolls as the master himself: “World Class!” However, the red fruit jelly made Rosin roar angrily: “The cleaning lady’s cleaning water tastes better! It was so bad that I wanted to drive it out of here as an appraiser!”

“Like gummy candy in vanilla sauce!” , judge the guests. Kitchen assistant Gabe’s assessment was also devastating: “I really feel like a chef here!” , I found her. Sebastian doesn’t see her in Darube: “Because he doesn’t have a frame!” The opponent’s branch manager was visibly annoyed with Guetta and admitted, “I underestimated it!” But at Chef de partie Sven the next day, surely it went perfectly? Not really – at least there weren’t any tantrums.

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The chef threatens: “Then you should know me!”

Then came the day of the decision. They must actually meet the Daruper themselves. However, they are preceded by Sven and Sebastian: they want to pool their forces and run the village restaurant together, as the applicants explain to the bewildered Rosen. He thought for a while, but then agreed: “That’s a good decision indeed. It gives you more security. But if you take me wrong and say we’re going home in a month, you’ll know me…”

Now this new idea should be closer to the people of Daroub. A citizen asked “Wouldn’t we choose between A or B, but between a double package or not at all?” Embarrassing faces. The star chef had to put in a kind word for his followers: “They are both so serious and normal that they fit here. You just have to give them a chance to have the time.”

Finally, Darup was also a d’accord. The tenants were delighted and Sven promised: “We won’t disappoint you!” But as if Rosen had already foreseen it: a few weeks later, Sebastian decided not to participate in Darube for personal reasons. However, this information was only shown briefly at the end of the “Rosin’s Restaurants” show. Sven will be the sole tenant at the start of 2023. Whether and to what extent Sebastian was allowed to get to know Frank Rosen better is unfortunately not caught on camera.
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