Fritz Meinecke shows the disgusting legacy of Knossis

Knosi 7 v. Wilde

Jens “Knossi” Knossalla was a participant in “7 vs. Wild” Season 2. Build: youtube screenshot


Sophia Sirman

At the end of December, the final episode of the reality show “7 vs. Wild” was posted on YouTube. In the second season of the web series, seven social media stars and survival experts compete against each other and have to endure seven days alone in the wilderness on the island of Panama. In addition, candidates had to complete daily challenges for which they could collect points.

At the end of the show of survival, Otto Pollit-Proof, a former paratrooper in the German army, triumphs. Second place went to photographer and self-proclaimed adventurer Joris, and show initiator Fritz Meinecke took third place. Probably the most popular of the participants, Jens “Knossi” Knossalla, finished fourth, but unlike two of the other frontrunners, Sabrina and Nova, they at least held out until the end.

Meinecke makes a disgusting discovery

One of the rules of the show states that contestants can bring up to seven items into the wild. This could be a knife or a saucepan, for example. Streamer Knossi chose cigarettes as one of his seven items. In this context, the show’s organizer Fritz Meinecke has now made an unpleasant discovery.

Meinecke posted several stories on his Instagram profile on Sunday, revealing Knossis’ cigarette consumption. In the video, he opens the camera bag that Knusi brought to the island. When he opens it, several cigarette butts can be seen in one of the compartments.

Meinecke’s comments: “Janes, I’m just cleaning up here. What is this? Unbelievable.” Then he makes disgusting noises as he points the camera towards the backside. Then Meinecke proudly declares: “I have them, the original filters from the island.”

Fritz Meinecke found these cigarette butts in Knosi's camera.

Fritz Meinecke found these cigarette butts in Knosi’s instagram/fritz meinecke

In the following story, the 33-year-old from Magdeburg becomes almost theatrical and comments:

“The original DNA from the King. Here it was glued on, the lips. Here the addiction was pathological. Here the people lived antisocially on the beach.”

Meinecke is also sure that Knossi’s fans will give plenty of cash for the waste: “I’ll put it on Ebay for three million now.”

After the YouTuber made the stories alive, he apparently got some messages from his followers, who were confused by the unusual appearance of the cigarette butts. Then Meneke explains: “Since many are a little surprised: Knusi cut the filters in half with a knife so that the cigarettes would be stronger. So there are 14 filter halves.

Knusi reacts with humour

Knusi himself retweeted Meneke’s story on his profile and wrote: “Yeah, yeah, I took my trash with me. A lot.” jokingThe 36-year-old also commented on the second story with several laughing emojis.

Cigarette butts provide entertainment.

Cigarette butts provide instagram/fritz meinecke

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