From now on, this rule applies only to me

Netflix has done it again, teasing out the latest glimmer of hope in its streaming portfolio. Not the first time and not the last, that’s for sure. But with me and other customers, Netflix has finally lost their trust – only one rule applies to me. I’ll reveal that in this weekend’s column.


Fortunately, I haven’t started research yet, but other contemporaries in the editorial office have already partially changed their minds Inlaid with the date “1899”. And the first episodes of the mystery series from Dark Makers Watched on Netflix. Designed for three seasons But it’s over now – Cliffhanger Inkwell.

Netflix is ​​falling apart: It’s not usually enough for more than one season

For me, of course, this means that I can instantly erase and forget “1899” from my memory. But this “corporate card” will likely be with us for the next few years Netflix Vegetation around and sooner or later provoke unsuspecting viewers because of the algorithm. In fact, these air figures should provide Netflix with a big caveat in the future:Be careful not to look! “xyz” was an attempt at a series that ended prematurely due to our lack of courage and other reasons not mentioned here. Please go ahead, there is nothing else to see here.”

Well, it looked good and you still have to say goodbye:

Instead, there will always be series like this on Netflix and Co. open end It just got dropped. Everyone who looks at them feels in the end that they have wasted their lives.

In the case of “1899” in particular, Netflix’s cancellation is unfathomable. Good reviews, represented in the charts and yet not enough for a sequel or at least for a true ending. Netflix won’t have to pay so much attention to “ratings.” It’s been known that streaming services receive monthly fees from their customers. Operators can then calculate these amounts fairly firmly and don’t have to listen directly to the advertising industry – only pay TV. But Netflix and company also want to increasingly cater to the mainstream. No wonder there are also more and more cheaper Drake reality and is produced – Netflix degrades to RTL and Co. Well, thanks, but also.

My thoughts for the weekend: The column aims to provide food for thought and reflection on this week’s “news flood” towards the end of the week. A small selection of previous articles in the column:

The necessary reverse conclusion: Don’t watch new Netflix series right away

For me, the following now applies: I’m watching new series Only if the sequel is already wrapped. The leap of faith in Netflix is ​​completely exhausted for me. I don’t feel like experimenting anymore. After all, at 46, I’m no longer one of the bouncy guys and every breath could be my last. Understandably, I’d also like to know the end of the story at some point.

good or not? This Netflix trick will help you:

By the way: Since I’m probably not the only customer behaving this way now or in the future, Netflix’s short-term showing of the new series probably won’t help. Netflix will then have to completely reinterpret “success”.you don’t want to just produce cheap entertainment and turn into a caricature for private TV – my opinion.

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