Fun for what’s in between: 20 Almost True Movie Quotes

If you are on Twitter during the day today and you have the hashtag #retweet Face it, you probably know it: We broke it!

Conveniently, we discovered that window of opportunity when Microsoft Office servers went down and millions of people couldn’t get to work. Well, they didn’t all share our meme, but we’ve already come up with over 1,700 suggestions. The Internet is home to countless people Movie connoisseur and nerds who like to throw quotes around or who happily treat them as silly. And a Twitter meme like this is more interesting than working with Word, prospects or Excel.

Since our selection was not easy due to the number and the many repetitions, please forgive us if your proposal is not on this list. Thank you for your participation! next one me me Definitely coming soon (*wink smiley*). And to all readers off Twitter: You’re welcome to flood the scribes with your own fantasy movie quotes after this post. ready? So let’s get started!

#1: The hardware store wars

#2: The Boxcars War

#3: And I will always watch you

#4: Alright kids, let’s make ourselves comfortable now!

#5: With or without butter?

No. 6: Fax machine crashes

#7: Wait for the procrastinators

Number 8: Mmmmmm, delicious

#9: The Godfather Baker

Number 10: You’re a little pig!

#11: Who actually drinks this stuff?

Number 12: Certainty at last

No. 13: The outsourcer

No. 14: Deutsche Forest Gump

Number 15: Happy Ending

#16: *Carbon Freeze*

No. 17: Nuts, there are always nuts

Number 18: Good for you

Number 19: It was self-defense

No. 20: Cigars for everyone!

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