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Who is the macho with so many (smart) questions?

At first Dental office (23) Underestimate a faded tattoo. But in the meantime, the Italian made his way into the hearts of the public with his naive questions. Now he’s a secret favorite for the Jungle King 2023 title, making viewers smile and languish in front of the TV.

Bild explains the world of Gigi!

Camp favorite Gigi has already played through a few TV formats, but in Jungle Cover, he's finally capturing viewers' hearts.

Baby Gigi’s Camp has already outgrown some TV formats, but Jungle Camp is finally winning over viewers’ hearts.

Photo: RTL

Television beginnings and careers

In 2020, former stripper Gigi is best known for appearing on the dome show “Ex on the Beach”. relationship with the candidate Michelle Daniels (23) Turn on social networking sites.

In 2022, Michelle and Gigi separate, only to get back together after starring in Prominent Separated. Later, the final breakup took place after RTL’s “Temptation Island VIP” show.

He hit it big as the macho guy with the funny sayings at the latest with “Battle of the Reality Stars,” surprising the show in 2021 when it was running late.

Michelle and Gigi had a turbulent relationship, but it finally came to an end since

Michelle and Gigi had a turbulent relationship, but it finally came to an end since “Temptation Island VIP”.

photo: Instagram/michelledaniaux

Gigi is very special

Gigi is the son of Italian immigrants. Among other things, he worked as an industrial stripper and electrician. “His vision was TV after school when he was 19, that’s what he wanted to do,” says his friend and buddy, reality star Mike Hetter. Today Gigi lives near Ludwigsburg – and is still at home with her mother.

Hot for a reality star? This is why Claudia Aubert wants to see Gigi naked

Dr. Bob on Gigi to Bild: “When I asked him if he could cook, he said, ‘Oh, Bob, mom, I live with my mom.'” She cooks all the food for me, you know. I had to laugh and asked him if he was actually staying with his mom. He said: Oh, yes. I kind of wanted to stab him in the ribs and say he’s a big boy now and maybe he should learn to cook and stay away from home.”

Gigi and Mike are on the way to Australia

Gigi and Mike are on the way to Australia

photo: Gigiberofio/Instagram

How realistic are Gigi’s statements?

“He’s really like that. He always asks what he’s thinking without thinking too much in advance. Sometimes it’s not very good, but in the woods he does everything right,” his friend Mike Hetter explains to BILD.

And further: “I am glad that after the initial prejudices as macho people recognize the real Gigi. He has a good heart and will not want to hurt anyone.”

A little taste of Gigi’s sayings about the universe

▶︎ “Was he in bed like a football?” Gigi Verena Kerth clumsily asks about ex-boyfriend Oliver Kahn. Kerth replied, “This is a Titan!”

▶︎ Gigi asks Jolina after her transgender story: “What? You were young did you used to have a penis?” Jolina nods. “Strong! Horny dude!”

After Gigi’s embarrassing moment Michaela reveals the secret of the puppies

▶︎ Gigi was shocked by Abi’s family confession about his many siblings: “Do you know how many kids there are 26?! It’s not 15, it’s not 20. It’s 26!”

▶︎ Gigi on his readiness for the jungle: “I actually asked some women what semen tastes like. They said it tasted very salty and sour. Maybe the animal has eaten pineapple before and it tastes good.”

Gigi is the saying machine at this year's jungle camp

Gigi is the saying machine at this year’s jungle camp

photo: Gigiberofio/Instagram

Gigi’s weakness

Why does Gigi always have to choke on jungle camp exams? That’s what some viewers are asking – and Mike knows the answer!

Because: Gigi has a secret fear when it comes to leftovers. “He also told me that he has to vomit during the food tests. He vomits when he sees leftovers while washing the dishes. It’s quite a challenge for him.”

Also, Gigi doesn’t like fish. “But he wants to win, so he passes every test,” Mike explains.

For the jungle exams, Gigi didn't just train in the gym

For the jungle exams, Gigi didn’t just train in the gym

photo: Gigiberofio/Instagram

Mike’s funniest experience with Gigi

“Always have fun with Gigi, especially when partying, he’s always good for a surprise,” says Mike Hetter. After filming “Battle of the Reality Stars” the two went to celebrate. “But he didn’t go back to his room after that, he fell asleep on the pavement. He wanted to sleep in the sun, he muttered when I woke him up.”

camp forecast

Mike Hayter, a friend of Gigi’s, to Bild: “I’m amazed how Gigi communicated with everyone from day one. He’s usually a guy who waits and sees and looks at everything first. He has a good chance of winning the title.”

Mike sees only one stumbling block for Gigi: “I think he might have a problem with candidates like Tessa. They’re not on the same wavelength. He’s not one to freak out or offend anyone. At first he doesn’t want to have anything to do with the person and just do what he wants.” .

Onlooker favorite Gigi will no longer be a candidate for riots. The crown of the forest is slowly approaching.

According to friend Mike, Gigi will likely never become bush buddies with Tessa

According to friend Mike, Tessa and Gigi will probably never become best friends in the bush

Photo: RTL/Stefan Thoyah

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