Gladbach: Farc celebrates Njomo as a striker! The new Aubameyang?

Nathan Ngoumou stretches his arms and clenches his fists while celebrating after Borussia Mönchengladbach scored 1-0 in a friendly match against Arminia Bielefeld on January 11, 2023. Ngoumou wears a white Borussia shirt and has a blue bandage on his face following an eye injury.

Nathan Ngomo celebrates scoring in Borussia Mönchengladbach’s friendly against Arminia Bielefeld on January 11, 2023.

On the right wing, Nathan Ngomo (22) has yet to make a huge breakthrough at Borussia. Can you do that now in a new position? Coach Daniel Varkey (46) praised the French player, likening him to a great striker.

Gladbach: Nathan Ngomo shines against Bielefeld as a striker

In the first 45 minutes he allowed it Nathan Ngumo I am test match iphone Borussia Monchengladbach Opposite Armenia Bielefeld Viewing on Wednesday (11th January 2023) – In an unusual setting.

Daniel Fark The young Frenchman was not used on the right flank, but as a striker in the middle. No problem for Nogomo! On the contrary: the 22-year-old has perhaps shown his best performance since moving from FC Toulouse to VFL in the summer of 2022 for around €8m.

Farc revealed after the match that he tried to experiment more in training. “Now we wanted to see him in the match,” added the Borussia coach.

Farek was impressed by Ngomo’s performance: “Nathan did a good job.” Nogomo was not only happy with the coach’s praise: he scored 1-0 in the best attacking way – after making a save on the goalkeeper, the attacking player was speck and dust away.

Otherwise, he attracted attention with several runs in the depths, so the wandering Frenchman was able to prove his sprint speed. in the fastest order BundesligaThe player of the current season is Ngomo (36.17 km / h), behind compatriot Moussa Diaby (23, Bayer Leverkusen) Second.

36.52 km/h was measured in Diaby. The live duel of the Bundesliga runner will take place on January 22 (5:30 pm) at Borussia Park.

Speaking of his compatriots: Nojomos is a compatriot in the Gladbach striker rank. Marcus Thuram (25) Because of his performance in the first half of the season (13 competitive goals in 17 games) clear number one. But Farak stresses: “We need options.”

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Will Ngumo become Thuram’s first replacement? Farke immediately offered a tantalizing comparison: “He reminded me a bit of Aubameyang when he started.”

The colt’s trainer was referring to the early days of the 33-year-old Gabonese Borussia Dortmund. At first he played there on the right wing – right up to the classified centre-forward Robert Lewandowski (34) Free transfer after the end of the contract Bayern Munich change.

Then Aubameyang was undisputed as a central striker in the BVB for years and became the top scorer in the Bundesliga. History could repeat itself in Gladbach, at least as far as the seeded striker’s free transfer is concerned. the for a duration von Thuram ends in the summer of 2023 – his future still uncertain.

Rumors about who might be Thuram’s successor have been raging for months. Most likely you will Dionne Belgo (20) No. According to media reports, the Croatian is about to make a change Augsburg.

Are Gladbach supporters in mourning for Belgo? number! “Fuck Belgo, we have Ngomo,” is the obvious reaction of one fans on social media.

The Frenchman received a lot of praise not only from FARC, but also from the fans. One user gave him a “very strong performance” against Bielefeld. Comments like “It looks like Ngumo has already arrived” and “Ngumo is running away from everyone. The guy has a good mood” can be read on Twitter.

So the Borussia environment wants to see more striker Njomo. He may already take part in the test match against FC St. Pauli Saturday (January 14th, 2pm) Next opportunity to continue self-promotion.

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