Gladbach v. St. Pauli: Borussia dress rehearsal live in the tape

Fohlenelf faces another endurance test to prepare for winter!

In about a week (January 22, 2023, 5:30pm) the team coached by Daniel Farke (46) met Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga.

To be as fit as possible for this, kick Borussia Monchengladbach On Saturday (January 14, 2 p.m.) last time test match against FC St. Pauli a.

Gladbach have won their last two friendlies against Oldenburg (2-0) and Arminia Bielefeld (4-0). Will VfL stay on the path to success against the Hanseatic League, or will Borussia spoil rehearsal before the start of the Bundesliga?

All information about the game Pony Quiz is available at GladbachLIVE-ribbon!

Borussia: Sommer – Scully, Itacura, Elphide, Pencepenny – Weigel, Connie – Hoffman, Kramer, Bly – Thuram

Saint Pauli: Vasilj – Saliakas, Mets, Dzwigala, Pacarada – Metcalfe, Smith – Otto, Irvine, Hartel – Daschner

result: 0:0


Gladbach vs St. Pauli: All information about the test match in tape

update bar

13 inches: But the Gladbachers can explain, there is no risk after the standard situation.

12′: The following conclusion also comes from the guests: Hartl shot and tried from a distance of 14 meters, the shot was blocked. However, Borussia has to be careful in the next corner.

10′: After a free kick from half of the field for the guests, Otto finishes off, but hits the ball into the goal net. After all: Enough is guaranteed to echo the Ollie fans who traveled with them.

8′: The Gladbachers demand a free kick after an alleged foul on Thuram in midfield, but then it goes quickly down the other side. St. Pauli plays in the Borussia penalty area but does not finish.

5′: Sommer can also make a catch for the first time, Bacarada refueling on the left side. However, he shoots the ball centrally to Borussia’s number one.

4′: First shot after a cross from the right, but Bliss hits the ball 13 meters from the left.

4′: Scully runs off Hartle on his right and then tries to put Thuram in with a pass behind Pauli’s back four. Vasili comes out of his goal and eliminates him.

3′: There was no rush from either side in the first few minutes, Gladbach initially letting the ball slip through their ranks.

1 ‘: To Borussia’s toast, the game has begun!

kicking off

1:59 pm: Borussia plays in white and St. Pauli in brown. Everything is ready for league rehearsals.

1:55 pm: In any case, the weather on the Lower Rhine could still be improved – after heavy rain the past few days, it’s mostly windy in Borussia Park on Saturday afternoon.

1:44 pm: The Foals will make their debut at Borussia Park in 2023 – Jan Sommer will lead his team onto the pitch as captain.

1:31 PM: The referee is Robin Brown, who was in charge of Borussia’s friendlies on Wednesday. His assistants are Mark Porsche and Luca Marx.

1:27 PM: After Nathan Ngomo started at centre-forward in Wednesday’s friendly against Bielefeld, Marcus Thuram is back in the starting line-up today. The Frenchman proved in the second half with a goal against Armenia that he is in a good mood again after the World Cup.

1:18 PM: In midfield, Florian Neuhaus will have to be patient for Borussia Park to return. The 25-year-old initially sits outside. Christophe Kramer is expected to start behind Marcus Thuram again, with Manu Kone and Julian Weigel playing in the double six.

1:13 PM: And so the guests arrive from Hamburg:

Saint Pauli: Vasilj – Saliakas, Mets, Dzwigala, Pacarada – Metcalfe, Smith – Otto, Irvine, Hartel – Daschner

1:07 PM: Sitting on the bench in the Premier League: Olszewski (goal), Friedrich, Janczyk, Lehner, Nitz, Ritz, Neuhaus, Hermann, Wolf, Stindl, Ngomo

1:04 PM: It is also now clear with which team Borussia will start the match against St. Pauli:

Borussia: Sommer – Scully, Itacura, Elphide, Pencepenny – Weigel, Connie – Hoffman, Kramer, Bly – Thuram

11:24 am: Regarding sports: in all likelihood, there will be a meeting today Marcus Thuram (25) and St. Pauli Jackson Irvine (29). The two players met last November at wmGroup stage in the France-Australia match. There is another meeting for seven and a half weeks – this time not in Qatar, but on the left bank of the Lower Rhine.

11:08 a.m.: A note to the fans who will be attending today Borussia Park Open up and get there by bus and train: Today there are no shuttle buses to the stadium – if you use public transport, you have to use the regularly scheduled services.

Friday, January 13th

6:23 PM: Still in Borussia Park! guards Jan Sommer (34) Who also has a winter move Bayern Munich Linked, with his teammates in Gladbach on Friday (13 January). Sommer left the training ground with goalkeeper coach Fabian Otti (32) when all the other fillies were already in the dressing room. The Swiss wasn’t shy about picking up teammates’ balls and putting them away. Then he made time for fans, wrote autographs and made himself available for selfies. Sommer should also be in range for Gladbach in the test against St. Pauli on Saturday.

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