Gladbach: Will Borussia’s Rossi find happiness now under Farke?

Hannes Wolf, seen here January 7, 2023, is in great shape during Borussia Mönchengladbach's current preparations.  Wolf puts the ball in his right foot in this photo as he runs.

Hannes Wolf, seen here January 7, 2023 at Fuhlen Platz, is in great shape during the current preparations for Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Next try! Hannes Wolf is currently a kind of “Mr. Rossi” in the Gladbach team. Like the protagonist of the Italian animated series from the 70s, the 23-year-old is constantly in search of happiness (football).

Broken bones, which were really tough, both in the ankle and shoulder, have greatly slowed the Austrian’s progress in recent years.

Both in the beginning RB Leipzig or then in Borussia Monchengladbach He chose the German Bundesliga Hans Wolf So far it hasn’t really proven to be a lucky patch.

Gladbach: Hannes Wolf got his start with Borussia

Wolf is currently battling his way back into focus on the left bank of the Lower Rhine after a serious shoulder injury and an 84-day layoff.

under the coach Daniel Fark (46) An offensive specialist can make a breakthrough. At least, this is what the statements of both parties suggest.

Farke: “Hans has been out for almost three months. It’s not easy for him to come back. He’s now made a big step forward. He looks good in training. It’s good to have him back. He just brings quality to our game, with his aggressiveness, even against the ball, plus Deep kicks.”

Farc got it after the success of Follen-Elf’s recent test match against the second division Armenia Bielefeld (January 11, 2023) he said.

Wolf contributed an assist and a kick to King 4: 0.

Farc: “Hannis is at his best, he’s on his way there, he’ll definitely make us better.”

And perhaps it is Farke’s empathy, his sense of addressing the players individually in the right way that Wolff can truly thrive at Borussia Park in the months ahead.

The truth is also that if the Austrian player does not make his breakthrough in Serie A football by the summer, he could be on the manager’s list for sale. Roland Firkus (56) advised.

“I’m back after the injury,” says Wolf! “I have a good relationship with the coach. I also think that without the serious injury I would have played one or two matches.

When asked about GladbachLIVE, he said: “The years that haven’t been easier for me are behind me. I’m not the type to give up. I’ve had to learn that things can go differently sometimes. That’s why it’s important for me now to stay healthy.” And follow through. Then we’ll see what happens.”

The breakthrough in the German Football League can be achieved.

Farc has already proven in England, at Norwich City, that it can train (young) players on the path to success after periods of drought.

Wolff: “I was unlucky with injuries and now I hope things move forward.”

Speaking on behalf of Wolves Spirit, he wants to get the best out of the club and himself. “I hope we can get back into international business. I have a lot of credit for us. We have strengthened our ranks under the new coach and are playing good football.”

Hannes Wolf is preparing to find his footballing fortunes in the pony stable.

And with Farke, he may have found the right coach at the right time to become a happy ‘Mr Rossi’ at Gladbach.

Wolff was in July 2020, initially on loan, then a year later for a €9.5m transfer fee. RB Leipzig He came to Borussia.

In January 2022, he was loaned to English Second Division club Swansea City for six months.

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