Goalkeeper Jan Sommer is being mocked for the gesture against RB Leipzig

January 20, 2023, Saxony, Leipzig: fu

Jan Sommer scored for Bayern for the first time on Friday night against RB Leipzig.Photo: dpa/Hendrik Schmidt


Anna von Stephenelli

The long uncertainty of the record champions ended. After struggling to find a suitable successor for injured goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, the Bundesliga restart has resumed with newly signed Jan Sommer in the starting line-up. Coach Julian Nagelsmann has resisted criticism from the outside for allowing Summer to arrive first. According to pundits, Bayern’s second goalkeeper, Sven Ulrich, should have been in his place instead.

In the first match for Bayern Munich, Sommer showed a solid performance.

In the first match for Bayern Munich, Sommer showed a solid performance.Photo: dpa/Hendrik Schmidt

But from the start, Sommer conceded a goal. The Munich team managed to equalize only with RB Leipzig on Friday evening (1: 1). Coach Nagelsmann commented on the result: “Some of it was good, some things we can do better.” He said about the newcomer in goal: “Courageous. He intercepted three or four passes and played well with the ball. It did not seem that he was playing our first game.”

Julian Nagelsmann and Jan Somers on Friday night.

Julian Nagelsmann and Jan Somers on Friday night.Photo: dpa/Hendrik Schmidt

When asked about the game himself, the goalkeeper told DAZN about his own impressions of the Bundesliga’s return: “It’s clear that everything didn’t work out one hundred percent,” he explained. “I don’t know the team yet, they don’t know me yet. Operations are not yet coordinated, especially when it comes to building the game.”

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Jan Sommer raises the arm of the ad – and the network compares it to Noir

In one thing he may have taken Manuel Neuer as a role model. At least when it comes to the many comments on the net. The reason is a specific gesture the Swiss made on his Bayern debut: When the ball fell into the goal through Hallstenberg in the 52nd minute, Sommer immediately raised his arm in protest, a typical Neuer gesture. What the Swiss wanted to complain about: Teammate Joshua Kimmich and RB Leipzig’s Andre Silva had previously gotten together. Referee Siebert saw no foul.

Streaming service DAZN took this gesture as an opportunity to write a post with a photo of the scene in question. Then the words: “Manuel Neuer loves it.” In the caption, the service asks its followers to name their best complaint arm joke. With this, DAZN appears to be cutting its flesh. Comment with most likes: “The complaint arm is as high as DAZN prices.” Reaction to the recent subscription fee increase.

Bayern goalkeeper Jan Sommer gestures during the Bundesliga soccer match between Leipzig and Bayern Munich at the Red Bull Arena in Leipzig, Germany, January 20, 2023. (AP Photo/Matthias…

The recovery arm is a typical noir gesture, but other Rangers use it regularly as well.Photo: AP/Matthias Schrader

But they also react to the alleged new gesture fans summoned. “You can tell me what you want. It’s sewn into the shirt or something,” wrote one user who received a lot of encouragement. Another thinks: “Oh, that’s why everyone says summer can replace noir.” Another follower wrote: “There was no time for more training in a day…”

There are signs of competition between Sumer and Nuer

As early as Tuesday, January 24, it will become clear how Sommer will fare against Munich. Then the champion receives a record ie Colin. like Bayern in Bundesliga Continuing to perform could be important for Sommer’s future, but also for the injured Neuer’s.

Competition looms. In the end, Noir will return once it is turned on. Sommer’s contract runs through 2025. Big vote of confidence.

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Manuel Neuer injured himself while skiing and therefore left.Bild: IMAGO / Laci Perenyi

After the match, Sommer explained how he perceives the situation. Accordingly, everything was frankly discussed with him. He is now looking forward to the coming months. Sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic has already indicated that the Swiss goalkeeper can certainly have hopes. When asked about the long contract term, which ultimately indicates a great deal of confidence, the sporting director replied: “Good question, answer there.”

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