Hammer Soccer for Germany: The NFL will host the Germany Games in 2023

Football hammer for Germany
The NFL will host the Germany Games in 2023

NFL bang to all German fans: The best football league in the world has officially announced that two matches will be played in Germany this year. In addition to Frankfurt am Main, the second place has not yet been decided, but football fans can look forward to one of the best teams in the United States.

There was already relatively concrete speculation in November and December, and now it’s finally official. The good news for German soccer fans: The NFL is coming to Germany twice next season. The association announced this in a statement.

Double the joy of football after the hype around the first match in Munich last November. In addition to the well-known and already announced “Germany Game” (a regular season game every year until 2025), there will be a second match on a German field in 2023. The first teams are also determined at the “Germany Games”. The Kansas City Chiefs will play around star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, one of the top favorites to win the Super Bowl this season, and the former champion New England Patriots, and perhaps the next and last stop for star quarterback Tom Brady, will each play for Germany. The game “is coming. The Chiefs and Patriots do not play each other. Only the opponents of the two teams will be announced during the year. The schedule of the best football league in the world is usually published in May.

There’s a special reason why Germany’s “two games” will take place in 2023: renovations for the 2026 World Cup at Mexico City’s Aztec Stadium, where the NFL’s “away game” was originally supposed to take place. The alternative site was then chosen for Germany. The exact dates and venues for the matches have yet to be determined. Next to Frankfurt am Main (Deutsche Bank Park), Munich is a favourite.

“incredibly important”

The NFL held its much celebrated German premiere in the Bavarian state capital last fall. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers with superstar Tom Brady caused a stir on and around the field at Allianz Arena in Munich against the Seattle Seahawks (21:16) hours before kick-off and a wild popular party atmosphere in the stands. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a fan forum that the number of games in Germany could increase. “I wouldn’t be surprised if the number of meetings increases in the near future,” Gödel said. However, it is not yet clear whether the one-time exception will remain, or whether the “Germany Games” can be increased in 2024 and 2025. More than a year ago, said Brett Josper, head of Europe at the Federation American football, Germany can play more than one game.

The NFL has increased its efforts in recent years to expand its reach around the world and open up additional markets. The first official match took place in London in 2007. In November, fans, experts and the NFL rated the premiere in Germany after 15 years as a complete success. The reward came with another match on German soil a few months later.

“What all German football fans have known for a long time, how popular this sport is in our country at the moment, also reached those in charge of the NFL,” former German Football Association professional Marcus Kuhn said in an interview with RTL / NTV. The German market is “extremely important” to the NFL. “Two games prove it once again,” added the 36-year-old. “We can look forward to two special matches.”

In order to have the opportunity to purchase tickets for the 2023 International Games in Germany on the first day of the official start of sales, fans must register in time this year via Registration Form, allowing access to ticket sales. Starting next season, RTL, RTL+ and NITRO will broadcast the NFL exclusively on free TV. RTL Deutschland has acquired the rights to broadcast up to three live matches per week on RTL, NITRO and RTL+ in broadcasts from the 2023/2024 season. In addition to drafting games and preseason games, the agreement includes games from the regular season, the playoffs and the biggest international sporting event of the year – the Super Bowl.

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