Handball World Cup: Qatar – Germany’s first unpleasant opponent

As of: 01/12/2023 4:20 PM

World Cup matches against Qatar – It wasn’t such a great experience to choose DHB in the past. Germany’s top opponent no longer has the impressive individual class in the team.

How do you actually defeat Qatar? DHB’s sports director, Axel Kromer, did not want to answer this question about Germany’s first opponent in the World Cup match on Friday (01/13/2023, live on audio) at Tuesday’s media event. He put the question to national coach Alfred Gislason, who joined later.

But Cromer allowed himself to look back. During his time as assistant coach for the national team from 2014 to 2017, DHB met Qatar in two competitive World Cup matches. Once in the quarter-finals of the 2015 World Cup and once in the round of 16 of the 2017 World Cup.

He lost both matches, and the dream of German handball players ended twice as early as hoped. What Cromer wanted to say on this mental trip, he said again clearly: Please do not view Qatar as ordinary customers.

German handball players have arrived at the World Cup stadium in Katowice and are preparing for the first match against Qatar.

Qatar squad – many naturalized senior players

The handball history of the Sahrawi state is well known in the handball world because it is unusual: before the 2015 home World Cup, some great players were naturalized without further ado – which is much easier in handball than in football, for example – and went To the tournament with a very international national team Begin.

Zarko Markovic, goalkeepers Daniel Saric and Goran Stojanović, Cuban-born Rafael Capote and French-born Bertrand Rouen are some examples of the team at that time. In view of such a strong team and home advantage, there was an immediate sporting success: the Qataris took home the silver medal.

Qatar’s Capote sealed the end of Germany’s World Cup hopes

On the way there, the DHB selection was stopped. The top scorer in the match against the Germans was backcourt player Capote, with eight goals. Two years later in the World Cup last 16, Capote was again, this time sealing the Germans’ title hopes with nine goals.

Kromer’s second half of the year, he didn’t have enough of WM-Spiel’s current DHB gegen Capote and verlieren – he was born at 35 Jahre alt, just past the age of Rückraumschütze among the Spanish Trainers Valero Rivera, in 2013 at the end of the year. he.

Rafael Capote is more important because Frankis Marzo is absent

He needs Capote more because Frankis Marzo, also once playing for Cuba, who was the most successful backcourt thrower in the last two World Cups and even became the leading scorer in 2021, apparently due to controversies, wasn’t there on a small note.

National coach Alfred Gislason, when he later spoke in detail about the upcoming opponent, admitted that he had shared parts of his video material with the opponent. “refuse throw throw” He was forced to when he found out Marzo wouldn’t be there.

March you eye “very good player” For Qatar, the burden in the left backcourt now falls on Capote’s shoulders. But that was the first game that “everyone is still talking” That being said, it’s not a big deal for the Qataris, who are also broad in total “kind of good” The national coach decreed.

Strong throwing power – just uncomfortable

With the exception of Capote, the really big international stars are no longer part of the squad. German handball fans are probably best known for goalkeeper Anadin Sulijaković, who has been contracted by HSG Wetzlar since 2019, but is second only to Til Klembek. One of the names Cislason also mentioned when discussing his first challenge selection for the tournament was Amine Zakkar – another backcourt player to watch out for from the German defence.

Not only because of the unpleasant memories of 2017 and 2015, despite all the ambitions expressed, the German camp finally agrees: This opening opponent is not an accidental customer. “Qatar is not fit to play. They innovate a lot based on the strength of their throwing and the physically strong players”The coach and sporting director, Captain Johannes Gola, echoed this.

Germany vs Qatar – very important live

Qatar, which recently won the Asian Cup five times in a row, certainly does not belong in the “exotic” or “small” category. But since the odd class of players like Saric, Marzo or Roine, who often saved tight Rivera-Seven matches in the past, are no longer available in this format, DHB’s pick is the clear favorite.

Germany starts the World Handball Championship against Qatar next Friday. everybody News You can learn more about this at Sportschaulive blog.

Since Qatar should generally be stronger than Algeria, the Germans’ Group C opponent, it is very likely that Qatar will move into the main role along with DHB. And since points against opponents who reach the main round are counted together from the preliminary round, this first game is also very important. And no one in the German national team wants to look (again) at this tournament afterwards and say, “We blew it against Qatar.”

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