Hannover 96: How the Professional Cabin Scared Niccolo Tresoldi Sports

“You can only achieve something if you have fun. You can only improve if you love football and always show commitment.”

Nicolò Tresoldi (18) has a relaxed smile on his face with these sentences. Like (almost) always. Contract until 2026, market value now €1 million – Delightful Italian nature is Hanover’s greatest treasure.

At Bielek’s training camp he spoke extensively in German for the first time.

First question about the national team: Why did he actually decide with Germany U-19s and against Italy?

“Theoretically, I could also play for Argentina, my mother is Argentine,” Tresoldi says and smiles. “I have been in contact with the German national team coach Guido Strechsberg for a long time and have felt very comfortable in Germany, especially since my first day. My parents support me in everything and they said : this is your choice. “

He has now played four times for the DFB, scoring twice and winning the Four Nations Championship in Malta: “It’s fun to play for Germany. I’m proud to wear the German jersey. I’m going to get in trouble with Mama.” Laughs.

Mama Barbara is a flight attendant at Langenhagen Airport. Papa Emmanuel (49) was European Under-21 Champion with Italy and played with Bergamo in Serie A. Niccolo’s dream was also to become a professional: “Of course, my dad also played a role (laughs). He always cut my body and put them on the court.” Was I always a striker? “Yes, of course.”

That would be amazing… Discuss Tuchel’s amazing new job!

He is a fan of AC Milan. (Former) Italian striker Filippo Inzaghi (49) is his favorite star: “I’ve always loved watching his videos”.

However, until his move to Germany in September 2017, it seemed more like a tennis career. Tresoldi: “I played a lot of tennis in Italy, and I was on the national team the year I did.”

Calcio (Italian footballer) ran only to the side. Tresoldi played for small club Fontanelle Branca near Perugia.

Also in Hanover, he started on the tennis base. A football training session at his school (KGS Hemmingen) changed everything. Competitive sports coordinator Sven Achilles staged a tryout session at the 96. The Reds wouldn’t let him go.

He was 13 years old at the time, as he recalls: “It was a challenge for me at first, I didn’t speak the language. But I was well received everywhere, for example at school, I quickly found friends.” 96 goals scored in the jersey.

He trained regularly with the pros last season. He has been a permanent player for six months and has already played nine matches in the Second Division.

Did he expect to reach the second division so quickly? Tresoldi responded with lightning speed and smiled: “No, this first half of professional football is more than I could have dreamed of in such a short time.”

Although things have been going uphill for him at the age of 96 so far – it hasn’t always been easy.

Tresoldi: “It was hard at first. I came into the dressing room and there were grown men sitting there and your guys were no longer young. For example, Julian Borner helped me a lot, gave me a helping hand at the beginning and was always there for me.

He has great confidence in Stefan Little: “The coach helps me a lot. We have a very good relationship.”

The young star finds it difficult to accept that he has not yet scored a goal in the second division:

“Of course, as a striker, you always want to score goals. That was good in friendlies or with the under-19 team. I’ll keep working, and then I’ll also work with the second-division goal.

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