Harry and Meghan were ashamed of their used IKEA lamps and sofa

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William and Kate’s lavish furnishings have made Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan jealous, Harry reveals in his reserve memoir.

LONDON — Prince Harry’s autobiography “Reserve” (“Spear”) has been making waves for days, and Harry’s memoirs have been officially available to buy since January 10th. And the interest is great – no wonder, it finally grabs Prince Harry (38) He also details in his book about the difficult relationship between him and his wife Megan Markle (41), his brother Prince William (40) and his wife, Princess Kate (41).

William and Kate visit: Harry and Meghan felt ashamed of their used IKEA lamps and sofas

Already in their Netflix documentary ‘Harry & Meghan’, the couple gave a glimpse into their life at Nottingham Cottage, a cottage on the Kensington Palace estate. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan lived there after their wedding in 2018. “As far as people are concerned, we lived in a palace. And we were… in a cottage,” Harry said in the documentary. Not less than 123 square meters. At the time, Prince William and Kate were already living in Flat 1A in Kensington Palace with their children George (now 9), Charlotte (now 7) and Louis (now 4).

Meghan and Harry felt ashamed of their IKEA facility during a visit to William and Kate at Kensington Palace.

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A visit to Williams and Kate’s apartment made Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan jealous. “The wallpaper, crown molding, and walnut bookcases are full of priceless works of art. Wonderful. Like a museum,” Harry said in his reserve biography. “We congratulated them on the renovation and didn’t hold back on compliments while embarrassing the IKEA lamps and used sofa we recently purchased on sofa.com for a discount with a Meg credit card.”

Before Harry and Meghan: William and Kate also lived at Nottingham Cottage

The birth of their son Archie (today 3) took Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan as an opportunity and packed their bags. In 2019 the young family moved to Frogmore Cottage on the grounds of Windsor Castle – with ten bedrooms, it is much larger than Nottingham Cottage. Before Harry and Meghan, Prince William and Kate also lived at Nottingham CottageOnly after the birth of their son, George, did the two leave and the property was left to William’s brother Harry, who initially used Nottingham Cottage as a single deck.

Nottingham Cottage

Nottingham Cottage, commonly known as ‘Nott Cott’, is a 123 square meter house in the grounds of Kensington Palace in London. The red brick roofs of the buildings are famous for their modesty. As part of the Crown Estate, Nottingham Cottage has belonged to the King, i.e. King Charles III since the death of Queen Elizabeth II (96, † 2022). (74), but it is not his private property. Among others, Lady Jane Fellowes (65), the older sister of Princess Diana (36, 1997), Prince William and Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lived in Nottingham Cottage. Sources used: en.wikipedia.org

‘It’s so unreal’: Royal fans slam Prince Harry for his remarks

The reactions of the royal crowd are clear. “Harry needs help. Wailing around their house like punishment. The Prince and Princess of Wales lived in this cottage for two years, even with baby George. Interestingly Harry overlooked that,” one commented. nypost.com. “Meghan thought a used couch would make her look unassuming but she just asked a used couch for ammo for later,” one user thought.

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BEAUTIFUL IN WHITE: You will always remember these royal wedding dresses

Very few readers understand Harry’s envy. Another commented: “He’s so out of touch that he doesn’t realize that this position in life still puts him in a better financial position than 99 percent of people.” But not only did Prince Harry slam the royal family in Reserve, he also made the grave allegations in an interview with British radio station ITV, which was broadcast before the biography was published. So He accuses some of his family members of “sleeping with the devil”.By submitting special stories to the press. Sources used: nypost.com, thesun.co.uk, bunte.de

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