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Zebra Crossings appoints new CEO

Debra Taylor

DOVER — Zebra Crossings, a seacoast area nonprofit, has announced the selection of Debra Taylor as its next Executive Director, effective January 2023. Taylor will succeed Arik Morrison, who left the position in September for personal health reasons. She is the third Executive Director of the organization, which was founded in 2009 and has built a strong reputation as a valuable provider of empowerment programs for youth with chronic medical conditions and their families.

Taylor has strong credentials as a leader, growth strategist, and fundraiser for the position. You will work with staff and the Board of Directors to continue and expand our camp program offerings and the positive, life-shaping adventures that are always a part of Zebra Crossings experiences.

“Deb is a dynamic, energetic leader with a clear passion for our mission. Her warmth and empathy for families in adversity and excitement for what Zebra Crossings can become was evident throughout our research process,” said Elaine Sewall, Chair of the Board of Directors. To work with Deb as our new CEO and he is confident that Zebra Crossings will continue to expand our presence in the Sahel, expanding our footprint beyond our current geographic reach.”

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