Hee Hwang: 10 Funniest Things I’ve Seen (Online) | comedy

MY’s name is Huang. I was born and raised in China in the 90s, so I didn’t really use the internet as a kid due to my busy study schedule. My love for surfing started when I started college in Beijing, and it now plays an important part of my life as an international student and expat living in Sydney. Here are the 10 funniest things I’ve found on the Internet:

1. The Colbert Report

The Colbert Report introduced me to a world of political satire that I hadn’t matured into. I celebrated my college years by watching Stephen Colbert’s hilarious commentary on all issues, big or small. I just can’t get enough of his larger-than-life ego.

2. Stephen Chow – You’re Only By Car Ying Law

Stephen Chow represents Hong Kong’s own brand of slapstick humour, known as prewar (冇厘頭), and Best Decade for Hong Kong Films. It’s like Monty Python. I go back online to see the funny scenes from his movies all the time. This song is one of his most famous scenes.

3. Why cats are better than dogs – Zoltan Kaszas

I don’t have any pets because I’m not ready for the responsibilities. But I love watching people who have pets fight about what kind of pet is the best. So far, I think Zoltan Kaszas has made the best comedy out of him and I love his cat, Jessica.

4. Special Russell Peters Red, White and Brown

Russell Peters was the first stand-up comedian I saw as a way to learn English. It’s very real to me when he does his impression of a Chinese salesman he bargains with, and the famous: “be a man. “It brings me so much life.

5. Doug Stanhope on Nationalism


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Stanhope is my all time favorite comedian. He’s a comedian. His comedy special “No Chargeback” has a lot to offer – his share on nationalism is certainly a classic.

6. Patrice O’Neill: an animal lover

You should see Patrice O’Neill’s comedy Elephant in the Room. This part is the part that sticks in my head – Patrice is a master of singing.

7. Felipe Esparza: They won’t laugh at you

If you want to listen to some good self-deprecating comedy, then you should definitely check out Felipe Esparza, the Mexican-born American comedian. His rhythm and delivery are magical to me.

8. Margaret Cho: Asian Chicken Salad

Margaret Cho is my idol. Her comedy is a delightful mix of well-written jokes and great movies. I laugh hysterically every time I listen to her early comedic performances. The Asian Chicken Salad portion never gets old – it’s almost too good to be true.

9. “Why are you gay?” Interview from Uganda

This hour-long interview makes me laugh so many times. The host is really confused while trying to understand LGBT rights. The subject matter is quite serious but the interview itself is comedy gone. We need more interviews like this nowadays.

10. Don’t say no to a panda

Last but not least, something about where you come from. I thought I was going to watch a commercial about how a panda’s cuteness makes him irresistible, but this turns out to be about a panda who is super controlling.

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