Here I am, a human being, and here I am stealing wine: the weirdest tweets about customers

Day by day the merchandise in this country is changing vs cash owners. Once you flip the entrance sign, the madness begins. Everything could be so beautiful and peaceful without them Client Will be. Do they really have to interrupt the important chat with the colleague over the weekend? Now they definitely have extra requests and then they don’t say it right Thank you very much, Is that true! We are very friendly and considerate, well, admittedly we were distracted for a while, but only because we had to read our bunch of really funny tweets about customers. Do you also think customers can wait for you to read them? Then this way!

#1: It could become our new regular store

#2: We have no idea!

#3: Reputation precedes them

#4: Always be polite

#5: Less is not always more

Number 6: A typical Monday

#7: For some clients, you need it yourself Ikea instructions

#8: How to recognize the Corona generation

Number 9: Always ready

#10: When hanging up isn’t an option

Number 11: There is nothing too difficult for a magician

No. 12: Do you know mussel farms in central Germany?

#13: We ran out of time

No. 14: Rewefrau for President

No. 15: Who’s on Khartoum here?

No. 16: A Helpful Samaritan

You spent a lot of money on shopping again, now is the time to save!

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