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Welcome back Bro basicsa series that covers common exercises that can be beneficial but are often performed inadequately and shows the broader function of the exercises and how to perform them correctly.

Are you looking to get a bigger upper body and improve your body? Bench And Shoulder press?

Then let me introduce you to one more bodyweight exercise that you need to start incorporating into your training: the dip.

What muscles work dips?

The dip works many of the major muscles of the upper body, particularly those involved in the bench press, making it a tremendous complementary movement to improve on this lift.

Diving works mainly on the chest / chest.

It also hits the triceps, shoulders and back muscles.

The amount of work a muscle group receives during a dip depends on your body position as you perform the movement. If you lean forward more, you will hit your chest and shoulder muscles more; If you maintain a more upright position, you will work your triceps more.

Why dive?

The dips contribute directly to the major barbell lifts, especially the bench press. If you want to improve your bench press, dipping can help. As discussed above, dips primarily work the muscles involved in the bench press: the pectoral muscles, triceps and shoulders.

In addition to the pushup, dips can also increase your shoulder press performance.

Helps build the big guns. Many men think that if you want big arms, you should spend all your time doing biceps curls. Although biceps curls can contribute to an increase in arm size, triceps curls actually give you more bang for your buck, since your triceps make up most of the circumference of your arms. The dip is a great movement for strengthening the triceps.

It can be used for conditioning. I usually include dips as part of a conditioning circuit that I do after a bench press. (Don’t neglect your conditioning!) It’s a great way to get stronger and sweaty.

You can do them outside the gym. Standard dips are performed on a set of parallel bars. But if you don’t have access to those, you can improvise and perform a variation on a lawn bench or chair. This variation is easy to pull off when exercising away from home. Combine dips in the circuit along with air squats and push-ups, and you’ve got yourself a quick and effective bodyweight workout.

Big downside to dips

While dips have many benefits, the exercise has a downside: If done incorrectly, it can lead to a rotator cuff tear.

In my twenties, I injured my shoulder while scuba diving. I went down very deep and very fast while going down. Even though I didn’t tear my rotator cuff, I sprained it and had to take it easy for a few weeks until my shoulder healed.

If you have bad shoulders or are older, you should probably skip the dips. My barbell trainer, Matt Reynoldshas a simple rule regarding dips: “If you take a dip, and it bothers your shoulders, don’t do the dips.”

Instead of dips, do another supplemental exercise that works like your triceps Triceps rolling extension.

How to do scuba diving

To perform the dips, you will need two parallel bars.

These parallel columns can come in the form of two Dip bars – Inverted U-shaped freestanding devices that can be moved.

You can also do snorkeling at the snorkel/pull station. The downhill bars on these stations are often angled so that they are spaced narrower towards the bar on which they are mounted, and spaced wider as they travel outward. This allows the dive station to accommodate personnel of various sizes. If you’re smaller, you’ll need to hold the bars closer to the rack; If you were larger, you would hold the rails near the ends.

If you have a home gym, you can purchase a dipping squat rack attachment.

If you’re just starting out, avoid using gymnast rings for dips. It is unstable and increases the risk of a rotator cuff tear during dipping.

Get the bars. Your grip should be wide enough that your hands are outside of your shoulders. Extending this will increase your risk of injury.

Get a starting point. Jump until your arms and elbows are fully extended. Bend your knees and lean forward slightly.

Lower your body. Brace your abs and lower yourself in a controlled manner, keeping your forearms vertical and your body slightly leaning forward. Lower yourself until your shoulder drops below your elbow. This will give you maximum range of motion without going so deep that you hurt yourself.

Push yourself back to the starting position. I just took the plunge.

What if you can’t take a dip?

If you can’t do a single body weight dip, put a resistance band about bars. Put the weight of your knees on the straps. This will provide you with some assistance while moving. As you get stronger, lower the resistance level of the bracelet until you can perform full immersions without assistance.

Weight gain with dips

If you can get more than ten repetitions of dips with body weight easily, then it’s time to increase the weight.

You can do that with a file Retraction belt. It is a leather or nylon strap with a chain attached. To add weight to your dips, thread the hanging end of the chain freely through the barbell plate and attach it to your belt.

Another way to add weight to dips is by doing poses Heavy weight lifting chains around your neck. You sure feel like a badass adding weight to your dips this way.

Bench Dip Variation

If you don’t have access to parallel bars, you can still work your triceps by doing modified dips using a weight bench, park bench, or chair.

Position yourself as if you were going to sit on a bench, but place your butt away from the edge of the bench with your hands shoulder-width apart, holding the edge. Take a proper seat-dipping position: Keep your knees at 90 degrees; Draw in and brace your abs; Lock the shoulder blades back and down.

Slowly lower your body by bending at the elbows and shoulders until the forearms form a 90-degree angle. Maintain good posture at all times.

To increase the difficulty of this exercise, extend your legs straight.

Programming dives

As mentioned earlier, dips are a great supplement exercise for the bench press and shoulder press. Matt usually does dip programs for me on days when I do an upper body workout. Usually combines them with withdrawals.

So the exercise will look like:

  • Click on a seat
  • shoulder pressure
  • pull ups
  • dips

If you are just starting out on dips, you will need to slowly work up to 4 sets of 10 reps. Start with four sets of as many sets as possible. This could be just 2 or 3 reps. Each week add a rep. When you can do four sets of 10 bodyweight dips, it’s time to add some weight with a belt or chains. Look to add 5 to 10 pounds at a time.

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