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Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children is a game based on steam, which mixes RPG and strategy game together. You accompany a group of troubleshooters – civilians who hunt criminals. The game has received 94% positive reviews and has been praised as a great RPG by players.

What kind of game is Troubleshooter: Abandoned Babies? It’s a mix of turn-based strategy and RPG and is the first game from developer studio Dandylion on Steam.

The scene of the action is the city of Valhalla, where the government is taking a special measure to reduce the crime rate: civilians have the right to solve cases and arrest criminals. These independent police officers are called troubleshooters.

Here’s a trailer for TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children:

Troubleshooting: Abandoned Children – Trailer

Learn about the different members of the troubleshooters

What does the gameplay look like Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children the end? The main character Albus starts his own troubleshooting company and gradually recruits different members.

Each of the troubleshooters has individual backstories and stories that you will learn about in over 100 different missions.

With your team of freelance police officers, you fight crime on the streets of Valhalla: eliminate criminals and save civilians.

Each character in the game has a class that can be upgraded. Depending on how high the ranks of the characters are, their role in the troubleshooting company also changes.

In addition, characters can gain certain abilities. For example, you can defeat certain enemies to copy their unique powers onto your characters.

Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children will be expanded with multiplayer content in the future, but currently it’s still a single player game.

But the game actually provides you with a comprehensive package of content. You can play for up to 100 hours to play through the main and side stories. 100% complete Troubleshooting: Abandoned Babies takes an average of 186 hours (via

Note: German is not supported in the game. However, you can play TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children in English.

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How do players rate? playing in Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children? The game has very positive reviews on Steam. Of a total of 6,905 ratings, 94% are good (as of Jan 18, 2023, via steam).

In the reviews, many players are enthusiastic about the game and praise it as one of their favorite RPGs:

  • The last card: “One of the best RPGs ever.”
  • Remo: “A fun game with likable characters. Sometimes the missions take a little too long, but that could also be because I play too carefully.”
  • Dirkke: “This game is insane. The sheer amount of content in this game puts full price games with 5 DLC to shame. And the best part is that good content actually improves the game.” […] The game deserves awards. It’s a 10/10 for me and I’m eagerly awaiting the next DLC. Whatever the dandelion [das Entwicklerstudio] The following versions will be an instant buy on the first day for me in principle only. “
Here’s how our author Showman sees the game: I fell in love with the game a bit in September 2022. For me, it’s an unusual mix of genres. Troubleshooter
– das Gameplay from X-Com
– Storyfone Final Fantasy dies
– Daring MMORPG game systems, where you can repeat missions with different levels of difficulty

Definitely a unique gaming experience that should be better known.

How much does Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children cost? You can currently get the game on Steam for €22.99. The Troubleshooting: Art Collection bundle costs €38.83 and includes the game, soundtrack, and art books as digital add-ons (as of January 18, 2023).

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