Is this the “new California supermodel”? Step into this contemporary modern double frame home that just drips with soul

I wanted to create something that had not been done before while remaining luxurious and timeless,“Says Rob Diaz, architect and designer of today’s epic home tour. This four-bedroom, five-bathroom, double A-frame plus guest house in Studio City, California is rich in old-world charm yet carries an amazing freshness due to the contemporary design. Fans of classic, European-inspired interiors will adore this home, and the light and airy California casual influence is just what we needed to feast our eyes while weathering this storm here in California. Let’s jump right in.

The exterior design evokes a sense of comfort and luxury, with numerous arches, smooth stucco finishes, and natural wood elements. It’s warm and inviting, not unlike the inside of a home as you’ll soon see.

In terms of home style, Rob told me it was his vision to create A modern French chateau style home featuring a blend of old and new design elements. The French tile roof, cobblestone decking, antique shutters and pots are beautifully restored along with brass gutters, custom porthole garage doors and whitewashed Santa Barbara mud walls. Conqueror.

In the living room, you can feel Chataeu’s French influence with double-arch windows, a neutral color palette, and simple, elegant design. Sarah Brady, Founder Platform experiencedesigned the house and knew she wanted to put lots of cool vintage pieces around the house. “I always start with the old pieces.” Says. “I know this will be my key moment—the vintage piece tells the story and can dictate the rest of the room. A vintage element often feels architectural in a space, and once it finds its place in a room, simple modern elements are easy to build around it.”

This gorgeous 4 globe geometric light fixture has become a must have Allied makerPerfectly fitting the space while adding a touch of glamor to the room. But Sarah’s favorite decor pieces here are the antique pot on the coffee table and the old painting over the fireplace. They add just the right dose of old-world charm so that this room feels layered, warm, and well-rounded.

The checkered rug provides a modern touch that pairs well with all contemporary architectural elements. This room evokes an elevated yet lived-in feel, and the carefully curated pieces make the room feel anything but unexpected. Did you notice the little art piece on the left wall? Its small size and low position are completely unexpected, giving a playful atmosphere. I also love Muted green velvet chair For a pop of color, the antique brown leather chair adds soul and warmth.

The living room opens to the backyard through glass doors where the landscaping creates a relaxed, holiday-like atmosphere and is equipped with a luxurious pool and guesthouse (more on that below).

When I first saw the pictures of this house, I was immediately struck by the smooth, eye-catching wall color and texture throughout. Rob explained that the entire house features hand-applied clay from Clayworks USA This is why the walls in every room have a beautiful finish. Texture is a matte, plaster-like texture that gives warmth, movement, and, of course, extra visual interest.

The formal dining area exudes a relaxed European ambiance and is furnished with a mix of handsome vintage and modern pieces. we love Wicker floor lamp And seat KCl That offer interesting textures, and the old Brutalist dining chairs from modern Amsterdam are impossible to ignore. The shape of the chairs put a sculptural element that effortlessly elevates the room. The dark rich tone of the chairs it paired with Light wooden table Adds visual interest while an antique rug grounds the space. For some movement and a hint of whimsy, a stool does the trick and really brightens up a room. This is what dining room dreams are made of, folks.

The kitchen is stunning yet simple and warm, And Call it is not easy. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets add to this effect and of course provide plenty of storage space. I asked Rob about the cabinet maker and he explained, The kitchen cabinetry was custom designed by our team’s in-house cabinetmaker, and we used white oak cabinets throughout. Overall, we wanted a simple, warm, friendly feel for the kitchen.

Up close, the dresser is even more impressive and we like the option to include a subtle lattice design on the bottom drawers. This breaks up the wood and creates a tile-like effect which is very cool and unexpected.

Rob wanted the kitchen to feel seamlessly connected to the rest of the home, which is accomplished through the white oak cabinetry, matte black appliances, and neutral countertops. For a modern element and to keep the kitchen open, an oversized steel Euroline window separates the main kitchen area from the service kitchen.

In addition to stunning cabinetry and architectural choices, minimalism is the driving force behind the home’s design. Notice the tiny corner stools that are so charming and whimsical, and the various bowls that provide a natural and organic aesthetic.

In the powder room, Rob chose two large vintage Italian-style sconces and paired them with a classic Gio Ponti mirror and an old limestone basin. I love that they chose to use black tiles here, which provide a stark contrast to the neutrals and warm colors throughout the house. We always say powder bathrooms are a great place to experiment with color or pattern and to take design risks, and this is a great example of that.

The upper level has lots of beautiful natural light due to the large skylight and glass door leading to the balcony. I love that they added light curtains over the door, which provides movement and a bit of privacy. Also, the classic wooden double chairs are great and add a lot of personality.

In the primary bath, a white oak vanity is accompanied by a custom marble countertop/backsplash and an oversized curved mirror. I love that the shape of the mirror makes a statement but isn’t loud or overbearing, which parallels the design throughout the house. It gives this bathroom a very cozy yet sophisticated feel.

Let’s talk about those vanity legs. The matte black finish is absolutely stunning but of course the look is what I like the most. Breaking out the wedge legs with round handles gives this vanity an edge that contrasts with the minimal elements throughout.

Opposite the bathroom vanity, all this wall vanity needs is a small lamp above the bathtub. I love this choice and think it creates a look that is sophisticated yet unexpected and very cool and modern.

Off the bathroom is this inviting reading nook complete with a cushioned bench and storage unit. I love how they chose to furnish this small space so it can be used rather than letting it become dead space.

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that the lighting options throughout the house are great, so I had to ask Rob how he chose the lighting in a house this size. It is to explain, “When it comes to choosing lighting, I like to use a mix of classic lighting and pieces with a touch of modern design. I chose several pieces from hardware studio And RW Syndicate In the main living areas, but I felt that in the guest rooms, it’s important to find the right size and classic silhouettes for those spaces.

In the bedroom above, the option to go with a sculptural multi-bulb pendant lamp accentuates the new modern style but is still understated, so it pairs well with antique furnishings and decor.

This room is a prime example of how Rob and Sarah mix old and new elements. The pendant lamp is modern and sculptural and rests on two antique wooden chairs. The windows are contemporary and the walls and old oil paintings above the bed provide a warm, old-world aesthetic. Finally, the color palette is carried home with the bedding and that adorable piece of art above. Everything is so good I would die for those antique chairs.

When it came to the design, Sarah really felt the beauty of each room. Textured walls, elegant and sharp lighting, and natural sunlight pouring in from all the windows created her beautiful backdrop for a decor layer that would only emphasize the home’s elegance.

I love how in this bedroom she took a different approach with white bedding, added pops of color with the throw and rug, and then incorporated antique furniture for charm and personality. And again, a small-scale piece of art hangs low on the wall that will always be one of our favorite unexpected design choices.

More color plays in this bathroom with floor-to-ceiling blue zellige tiles and Spanish-style floor tiles. As always with zellige tiles, the color and texture vary from piece to piece, creating a subtle look. But perhaps most striking here is the choice to use a brass wall-mounted faucet, rather than the matte black we’ve seen all over the house. It creates a truly stunning luxurious look.

Here we have the architect’s favorite room in the house and it’s not hard to understand why. It’s a den with its own patio and bar area and has its own style that feels separate from home. “The space feels tucked away, serene, and feels like a private retreat away from the rest of the house.” Rob says. “The combination of oak and green roof and device Downlights, which flood in perfectly are my favorite design elements in this space. “

The natural stone floors in this bathroom create an organic aesthetic (and it’s worth noting that the stone floors might just be something else Bathroom trend for 2023??). I just love stone paired with light blue subway tiles and would love to see this trend take off.

Above the sink, an antique wood mirror adds warmth that contrasts with the cool tone of the tiles, and a small antique sconces add character and depth to the space.

Unsurprisingly, the backyard is just as luxurious as the interior. The landscaping was also done by Rob Diaz so there is a clear continuity between the outside and the inside. I imagine you feel drawn to the outdoors when you are at home, especially with the large windows on both floors which I am sure will draw you outside.

On the last stop of the tour, we have this colorful guest house living by the pool. I love that the design is completely different from the inside of the house but still has the same elements. The green walls and wood ceiling are earthy and soothing and give a kind of NorCal outdoorsy aura. But overall, the decor is neutral and simple, once again striking the perfect balance between old and new.

To finish off our tour, we have this small kitchen completely covered in beautiful oak. The wood and matte black finishes are reminiscent of the kitchen in the main house, creating a beautiful continuity between the two homes. The slanted modern art piece is just the design moment this space needs to exude the playful, sophisticated, and modern meets old-world vibe that Rob Diaz and Sarah Brady are clearly experts at achieving.

*Designed by Rob Diaz Design & Anastasia RatiaBuilder: Diaz + Alexandre Studio
** Curated by Sarah Brady of Platform experience
*** Photos by Practically here are studios & L.A. Light’s photo

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