“It’s on every note.”

Juri Knorr received the biggest praise for his strong performance again from his opponent. (News: All you need to know about the Handball World Cup)

The German playmaker was in 33:26 beat the Netherlandswith which Team DHB prematurely reached the quarter-finals, was sometimes saddled with a bodyguard.

The classic man defense is now a rarely used tool in modern handball, but it seems that the legendary Orange coach, Staffan Olsson, felt compelled to restrict Knorr’s circles by putting Luke Staines in front of him.

German handball players have already qualified for the main round after two opening victories over Qatar and Serbia.  That's why football was played in training and someone did magic.

Handball World Cup: Juri Knorr performs magic during DHB football training

Knorr is the best goal scorer for the Handball World Cup

This procedure did not help much. Because of the German’s attacking game dynamics and good movement, the 22-year-old still pulled the strings and was unstoppable even by a private goalkeeper. (Data: Handball World Cup groups and schedules)

With nine goals and five assists, Knorr was again Germany’s top scorer. With 29 goals in the tournament, Rhein-Neckar’s Löwen backcourt ranks as the top indoor scorer.

After five games, he’s in the ranking of the best cross-national goal scorers. No other player in this World Cup has come close to 31 assists. Not even Steins, who is considered one of the best passers in the world and who is destined for the match at PSG. Swede Jim Gottfredsson was also the best player in the European Championship 2022 behind Knorr after five games with 28 assists.

Colbacher raves about Knorr

In particular, the interaction with circuit runners Johannes Jolla and Janik Kohlbacher works great.

said Kolbacher, who had been playing with Knorr at Löwen for about a year and a half Sports 1– Query about his passing qualities.

The line runner asserted, “He has great potential to become a great player. I think he’s on everyone’s bucket list.” (Handball World Cup: Germany-Norway on Mondays from 8:30pm on LIVETICKER)

A false start could not stop the DHB playmaker

Knorr got off to a false start against the Netherlands. His first three throws were blocked, held, or hit on the sticks. But he didn’t let that deter him and six successive grades followed – evidence of his impressive maturity for his age.

“It’s not hard to keep going when you’re confident in yourself. I know there’s a chance you won’t get a single throw in. Sometimes it’s unfortunate, sometimes it’s a bit of an inability, but I just have to keep going,” Knorr explained why a false start didn’t derail him. He emphasized: “When you start thinking, it is always a hindrance to the athlete.”

Before the start of the tournament, not everyone was convinced that Knorr was up to the enormous responsibility of leading the German game at the World Cup. At the latest, the final critics must now be silent.

“I’m just trying to do my job.”

“I’m just trying to do my job. Anyone who sees me play often knows what kind of handball I play and how I behave when I’m feeling good. Of course I want to take responsibility and that’s the same here,” said the Flensburg native, adding: “I just want to I’m taking advantage of the time I have on the court, having fun and being myself.”

RB Leipzig coach Marco Rose came out as a handball fan before the start of the second half of the season.  He wishes Team DHB the world title.

RB Leipzig: Marco Rose came out as a handball fan and wishes DHB a world title

The youngest in the group also has this responsibility from the seven-meter line. So far, 14 out of 16 attempts have found their way into the World Cup finals.

The physical strength of the mega-talent is also amazing. Over and over, Knorr throws himself into the opponent’s defense regardless of losses and has had to accept several blows to the face. But none of this seems to be making any impact.

Quarter-finals: Germany, according to Knorr, the underdog

“The body feels great. I don’t have any ailments. I’m really looking forward to continuing it,” Knorr confirmed Sports 1-the demand.

The danger that he will take off despite his impressive performances in the tournament so far doesn’t seem to exist. “We know we are good,” he stressed after reaching the quarter-finals, but also warned: “We have to stay true to ourselves and realize that we will be the underdogs against Norway and also in the quarter-finals.” (Data: 2023 Handball World Cup schedule and results)

According to Knorr, the journey is far from over…

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