“It’s too bad for me”: Oliver and Princess Bucher testify

“This is too bad for me.”
Oliver and Princess Bucher testify

It’s been a year since Oliver and Princess Bowser made a bad discovery: their house had been broken into. However, the perpetrator has now been caught and convicted. But before that, the Buchers were giving an account of what the crime had done to them.

The Wikipedia encyclopedia page lists a whole range of occupations for Oliver Bucher: He’s a comedian, but you can also read there as an actor, TV presenter, influencer, and actor. Bucher puts it less clearly after sitting in a dimly lit courtroom at Cologne District Court on Wednesday. Judge Rolf Krepper wants to know what he does for a living. “Yes,” Bucher says. “This and that.”

It’s not as practical as any other for the Cologne District Court – and that’s partly because the two witnesses who will testify today have already worked on a number of TV shows, in mediator jobs, on podcasts or on stage. Oliver Boucher and his wife Amira Boucher, known for example from the famous RTL dance show “Let’s Dance”, were invited. Media interest is very high. Ultimately, Oliver Bucher states that he is a stand-up comedian.

The issue under consideration is nonetheless serious. There was a break-in at Pochers in January 2022. A man accused in court on Wednesday had disturbingly different personal information — once he turned 30, once in 28. He follows the proceedings with his head bowed.

Princess Boushar enters the hall…

In fact, however, there is no longer any doubt. Attorney Klaus Kirchner makes a statement. At that time, his client had already passed by the house in Cologne by chance after “visiting a friend”. Noticing an open window, he “enters” the house. Among other things, he took jewelry with him and later “sold” them. The reason was a “financial crisis”.

Judge Rolf Kreber noted this, but also had clear doubts about the prescribed frame conditions. about randomness. and the fact that, as he claims, the defendant was given a ride by a friend and then continued to Cologne Central Station. Kreiber knows the neighborhood where the break-in took place. “This is not a good friend,” he says. “It’s a little bit to the train station.” Sometimes he takes off his glasses from his nose and rubs his eyes.

Then, at 9.42 a.m., she says, “Mrs. Bucher, please come into room 10.” Amira Bawshar reported that she only noticed the housebreaking late. There were already people in the house, even if she herself sometimes left him for a date. Among other things, their children were at home.

“No more quiet night”

“I brush my teeth and then I think, ‘Somehow it looks empty here,'” she recalls. Suddenly I discover an empty jewelry box on the bed. So she asked her husband first: What did you do with my jewelry? But no, it was a robbery. Amira Bawshar says her “beloved” watch, which she once worked so hard for, was stolen. The value is estimated at several tens of thousands of euros.

But now she says she “doesn’t care” about material things. It’s about fear being unleashed. “I have two young children,” she says. “I haven’t had a quiet night since.” “Every sound. It’s too bad for me.”

The Bushers themselves reported the robbery on a podcast shortly after the crime. According to the court, the incident occurred at a time when the family was temporarily living in Pietro Lombardi’s house. The singer and friend left his home in Cologne to the family after the flood disaster.

The defendant apologizes

At one point, the lawyer reports to Kirchner, “Ms. Bucher, he would like to apologize.” Then the accused says that he is very sorry, especially because of the children. He needed money – his child was sick. Amira Bawshar said to him in a friendly manner: “All the best for the family.” Oliver Bucher’s statement, then, is much shorter. The court has heard enough.

The man was sentenced to a year and a half without parole for burglary. Judge Creepper also justified the ruling with long-term psychological consequences for the Bouchers. “The horror? With Mrs. Pocher, still in limbo today, that was clearly notable,” he says. The defendant’s attorney intends to appeal.

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