Jan Cobben suspects that there is a nasty scam behind Corrales’ sex confession

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Lucas Cordalis struck a new note in the camp on Wednesday. Photo: rtl

Jungle camp

Sophia Sirman

first week in Jungle camp It’s coming to an end and a lot happened again on the sixth day of the jungle. Claudia Effenberg, Verena Kerth, and Tessa Bergmeier had to pass a food test with Babys Loveday, where the three Thin Among other things, there were pig noses and cow urine. Lucas Cordalis shocked viewers with an unexpected sexual advertisement.

On the official Jungle Podcast “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” Inken Wriedt and Julian FM Stoeckel hosted Sonya Zytlow and Jan Koppen on Thursdays. The psychics in the woods reveal what they think of Lucas’ confession.

Sonja Zytlow has words of praise for Jan Coben

First, however, Sonja Zytlow was asked what she thought of new assistant co-curator Jan Koppen. He is the successor to Daniel Hartwich, who ran Jungle Camp alongside Zietlow for about ten years. “That’s right, I have a new one. It’s also a little smaller. Let’s see how long it lasts,” Sonya jokes.

“He’s doing very well,” explains the 54-year-old. “I’m very, very happy and in tune very positively and in a very good harmonious vibration.” Despite this humorous response, Jan was touched by the positive feedback. He says, “Thank you, now I blush a little.” Sonia repeats her praise for her new colleague:

“But it really is. I wake up every morning with joy and look forward to what’s to come. I just know there’s someone with me who celebrates everything here and thinks it’s great.”

Sonja Zytlow on Jan Cobain

Jan and Sonya criticize Lucas’ behaviour

I am Podcast Sonya was asked if she was particularly surprised by a candidate. deny it; Everyone will behave as you expected. However, she is disturbed by the change in the nature of the forest camper. Ironically, title favorite Lucas Cordalis showed a new side of himself on Wednesday – unfavorable, Sonya believes: “When Lucas got a bit rowdy today and talked about blonde girls…my mom wasn’t out when he turned him on.” To be honest, I didn’t think that was very smart. Then with masturbation…

Jan Koppen agrees with his fellow moderator: “This does not suit him at all. It seems that he now wants to serve such subjects. It feels more calculated than anyone else.” Lucas Cordalis had surprisingly rowed Claudia and Verina on the sixth day when they were in the jungle test. In addition, the 55-year-old started a conversation about sex, which culminated in Jamila Rowe’s offer to help with masturbation: she was standing guard in front of the toilet door.

Sonya has no sympathy for the candidates

Jungle podcast hosts ask Sonya and Jean if they feel sorry for candidates when they have to complete difficult or disgusting exams. Sonya explains:I have no sympathy for the candidates. Our viewers have a deep sense of who they pick for exams, in “Get Your Money’s Worth!” Sonia adds that contestants know what they’re going to be on the show with, “so they get more airplay.” “

Tessa Bergmeier clearly struggled with the food test.

Tessa Bergmeier clearly struggled with the food test. Photo: rtl

Jan admits he doesn’t think about it as hard as Sonya: “I always feel sorry for them, I think it’s really disgusting.” But during the tests, he noticed something surprising: “I found the food tests on TV to be more disgusting than on location.”

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