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Julian Nagelsmann pulled the small lever with his hand, which can be used to adjust the height of any standard office chair. He pulled out, but nothing happened. So Nagelsmann jumped up harder and bottomed him on the bench, but again nothing happened. “I think I got lighter over Christmas, that’s why he pushes me up,” he exclaimed—but then his seat suddenly slid to the required depth.

Sometimes things in life take a little longer, even if the reason for the wait can’t be fully explained logically. Nagelsmann knows that too, of course, and in his pre-match press conference at RB Leipzig (Friday, 8:30pm) he would have liked to announce the end early Wednesday afternoon – in Bayern’s tedious search for a successor to the regular championship. The goalkeeper who was injured at least until the summer break is Manuel Neuer.

Rather than an end customer, Nagelsmann at least thought of a play on words, which he kindly defined as such. He happily stated that those responsible for transfers from Säbener Strasse “work – pun intended! – summer and winter to strengthen the team. And that’s the case now too.” Soon after the appearance of the Bayern Munich coach, it became clear that Gladbach goalkeeper Jan Sommer, who had meant this, was absent from his team’s training and that he was already on his way to Munich to complete his medical examination there. And even if an official confirmation from Bayern Munich was still missing by late afternoon, the tough talks about Sommer had already ended on Tuesday night, which the Swiss discussed for the first time. Blake reported, which also coincides with the SZ information.

Far more exciting than the transfer fee is the term Sumerian Contract

The gallant negotiators from Gladbach reportedly not only refused the first offer from the German record champion, but also offered the second, third and fourth numbers. However, at some point the pain threshold was apparently reached, which is said to be €8m plus €1m in potential bonus payments. Not a small fee for a 34-year-old goalkeeper, whose contract at Monchengladbach only ran until the end of June. The proportion of the special distribution in the event that Bayern Munich won the Champions League with Sumer became smaller and the principal amount was larger during the negotiations. Only there is no cash for Nedrat, that should have been Gladbacher’s business account.

However, negotiations were complicated because many clubs first had to reach a collective solution: Gladbach could only let Sommer go when it was clear that Swiss reserve goalkeeper Jonas Umlin, 29, could be named as a substitute from HSC Montpellier. Nagelsmann emphasized this as well when he explained that “there don’t always have to be just two parties to be satisfied, sometimes there are a few other parties involved.”

Far more exciting than the transfer fee, however, is the duration of Sommer’s rumored contract until 2025 – especially from the point of view of Manuel Neuer, who is only two years his senior and who should have heard of no reason why he shouldn’t stay. Number one in goal after his recovery who should be Bavaria. In December, Neuer fractured his lower leg while on a ski tour. “Broken bones are something that heals very well,” Nagelsmann said on Wednesday. With this medical background, Sommer’s motivation for a change in the upcoming second half of the season must be questioned. Will he come to replace Neuer temporarily with the style of the faithful and frugal Sven Ulrich and dream of winning the Champions League? Or will he come to expel Neuer?

Sommer’s motive for the change may have been concern for Nagelsmann, with whom he states he had “not been in contact” yet. But even without an in-depth interview with Sommer, the coach is confident that the new goalkeeper can make his debut in the match against Leipzig. An experienced goalkeeper does not need a long period of knowledge, Nagelsmann believes, “15 minutes might be enough. You don’t have to study rocket science for six months.”

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