Jana “Urkraft” Pallaske at Jungle Camp 2023: Side notepad posts

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IBES viewers were surprised that candidate Jana “Urkraft” Palask was completely swept into mystical madness. Now it turns out: The actress doesn’t seem to be averse to conspiracy ideologies.

Jana Palask Anyone who associates the name with her solely as an actress should be aware of her appearance in Jungle camp Rub Your Eyes Shortly before IBES season 16 began, the 43-year-old changed her name to “Jana Urkraft” and spoke to the plants: “What can I do for you? I’m here to serve you.”

Obviously, this development is not entirely new. Pallaske has been working as a self-proclaimed “shaman” since 2020, offering so-called “life coaching courses” on payment platform Patreon. She spends several months of the year on a small island in Asia – there she lives in a tree house, without electricity and running water.

Jungle Camp Candidate Jana “Urkraft” Balask With The Side Thinker Speech And Epidemic Denier Hashtags

Is all this just weirdo nonsense? IBES filter stories on Instagram show that it’s about more than just a harmless closeness to nature. Palask Light’s story contains ideological conspiracy content under the name “Corona”.

Paul-Eduard Rück, author of “Professor Schwurbelstein and his Aluminum Horror Hats”, took a closer look at the IBES filter coil. Jana confirms the cliches of unrealistic esotericists who flirted with their conspiracy ideological views during the pandemic and thus represented a multiplier for fake news, lies and the spread of dangerous, in his opinion, conspiracy myths.

For example, Pallaske shared a meme from a site that only spreads conspiracy theories — and tagged the post with the hashtag “Plandemic.” It conveys the radical conspiracy fantasy according to which the epidemic was deliberately planned and orchestrated by unidentified “elites”.

Jana “Urkraft” Pallaske: Of NS Relativism and Alleged Satanic Plots

Another photo shared by the IBES star suggests that measures against the pandemic should be equated with the terror of the Nazi dictatorship. A completely disproportionate analogy that trivializes National Socialism, but is pervasive in the landscape of Corona denial. What are the disgusting accounts of the brave Corona rebels fighting against an alleged “dictatorship”? Explains back.

also mottoDon’t give Gates a chance.” The 1980s corruption of the slogan “Don’t Give AIDS a Chance” alludes to the conspiracy belief that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation controls the World Health Organization and benefits from the virus.

As author Rück explains, Pallaske also follows several related esoteric accounts, which are not far from content like that of QAnon or Reichsbürger. A link from her profile leads directly to an English-language website littering about the “Agenda of Control,” “non-human enemies of Christ,” and “anti-human entities on and off the planet.” hard stuff. Professor Schurbelstein asks: “Seriously?” In light of thatn surprised.

IBES candidate Jana Pallaske: online feedback

The fans are partly angry. One user comments: “Ask me why IBES and RTL give the corona denier and esoteric a stage”. Another user ironically wrote that he was curious to know when Lask would show off her “secret knowledge” at IBES. Others want to accept her immediately: “I wish Jana would go to the nearest psychiatric clinic after she was discharged.”

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