Jared Leto’s casting of Tron 3 is getting a divisive response from the internet

Jared Leto has been cast in Tron 3, but his casting garnered a particularly divisive response from the internet with Twitter slamming him.

Announcing the engagement of Jared Leto tron 3 It got a backlash online. The premiere is now scheduled for 2025, tron 3 He spent years in limbo before finally escaping to get his official approval from Disney, where the studio agreed to move forward with the project with Leto at the helm. After he won acclaim for his performance in Dallas Buyers ClubLeto received an Academy Award and is today generally known for his acting style and performance in the series Gucci houseAnd Blade Runner 2049And suicide squadAnd Morbius.

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However, the fact that Leto is now involved in the production has garnered quite a bit of publicity, such as the online decision. Leto throws in tron 3 is being interrogated. Leto has been involved in several controversies over the past few years, which is a big part of why this representation has left a bad taste for so many people. The fact that his most recent film, Morbius, It fell flat despite Sony’s expectations which makes the selection process even more questionable. Check out some of the reactions on Twitter below:

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Jared Leto History With MLM

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While Leto did a great job with Dallas Buyers ClubHis perception as an actor has been steadily declining over the past few years. His performance as The Joker in suicide squad And Zack Snyder’s Justice League He received vilification for his exaggerated portrayal of a villain who had the word “damaged” written on his forehead. His superhero appearance is later in Morbius He cursed that hard Leto Morbius may never returndespite the fact that it was re-released by Sony Morbius, only to make it a box office bomb twice. Even when he starred in a well-received franchise movie, such as Blade Runner 2049She was disappointed financially. Despite appearances, Leto is far from a box office draw that is tron 3 Need.

Explanation of Jared Leto’s allegations


Even if we put aside Leto’s performance in other popular franchises, there’s still good reason to protest against him tron 3 Pour. Leto relies on method acting, a practice that has raised derision and questions whenever the actors take their method too far. Since Leto has been accused of inappropriate behavior when engaging in villainous roles, including the Joker, the actor has been given a severe cry. Indeed, him Morbius The director emphasized Leto’s story as absurd which saw the actor force others to push him in a wheelchair just so he could go to the bathroom.

Leto also caused a stir against DC after reports surfaced that he harassed his co-stars by leaving condoms and pornography on set. suicide squad, which could be harrowing for the cast and production crew, who might not have expected to encounter anything like this in a professional setting. There were also reports that Leto let a live rat run wild on the set. All of this comes on top of allegations of abuse and stalking of minors. These accusations in particular have led to questions as to why Leto continues to be employed in Hollywood. After, after tron 3 Temporarily cancelled For Marvel Studios and star WarsIt’s not clear if this is the new path the creative team desires, or if it will lead to Leto’s eventual exit from the project.

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