Jenny Frankhauser rejects RTL

Jenny Frankhauser once claimed the crown of the jungle herself.

Jenny Frankhauser once claimed the crown of the jungle herself.Bild: Instagram/Jenny Frankhauser

Jungle camp

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Jenny Frankhauser didn’t just get engaged in 2018 Jungle camp part, but also fought for the coveted crown. At the time, the 30-year-old confirmed that she no longer wanted to be known as “Daniella Katzenberger’s Sister.” Anyway, it worked. Alone Instagram She has managed to build up a huge fan base, and there are over 717,000 followers the people.

Following her mother Iris Klein, her son-in-law Lucas Cordalis is now a daredevil adventure Down Under. The 55-year-old was supposed to star in RTL’s hit show in South Africa last year, But because he was infected with Corona, nothing happened.

I am interview with Watson Jenny assesses Lucas’ chances of winning, reveals if she can live from jungle camp to the present day and explains what a big mistake she made. stars You can do after they share.

Watson: I became a mother about three months ago. Do you have time to follow jungle camp more intensely this year?

Jenny Frankhauser: Like every year, I will definitely look forward to Jungle Camp. whether in television Or just online. Somehow it will work.

Can you live from the jungle camp and the orders continue to this day and if so how do you do it?

I have worked, among other things, over the years Social media I built something I can live on and am grateful for every single day. Now as a mom, for example, I am so grateful to my community and the companies that I can work from home and thus be with my child.

“Lucas has a good heart, courageous and a team player.”

What are you particularly grateful for?

You shouldn’t take that for granted, and I know I owe everything to the people who called me Jungle Camp back then.

Your brother-in-law Lucas Cordalis is now trying his luck again after his failed start in South Africa. How would you rate his chances of winning?

Lucas is kind hearted, brave and a team player. Has everything you need for a crown. The way he behaves in camp is going to be crucial and I’m really excited. Of course I will keep my fingers crossed for him.

“It’s so much fun and makes me happy, but of course it can also be stressful, like any job.”

You are out of shape as a jungle queen yourself. What do you wish for Lucas?

I wish him, like me, never to forget this experience and of course to bring the third crown to the family.

What are the biggest mistakes after sharing?

rest on it. I haven’t been home for half a year after winning and I’ve been on the tour for my autograph session, had some TV shows and left my community every single day. life Participate. does a lot joking And it makes me happy, but of course it can also be stressful, like any job.

“I always go there without prejudice.”

What do you think of this year’s team? who will be yours Opinion Yet most inconveniences?

Once again the cast is awesome! I’m looking forward to the season. You will see who will offend. I always go there without prejudice. Most of the time you will be surprised! I’m really excited!

From left: Jolina Menen, Cosimo Cettiulo, Tessa Bergmeyer, Jana Orkrav Palask, Babis Loveday and Verena Kerth Bottom left: Lucas Cordalis, Marcus Morl, Cecilia Assoro, Claudia Effenberg, Martin Sim…

These are the stars of this year’s Jungle Camp.Photo: RTL

Will you be seen again on TV in “The Hour Yet?”

Last year I was RTL’s bush expert and often on ‘I’m a Star – The Next Hour’ to comment and rate the bush. This year I have decided against it for the first time and will be watching everything with great interest from home with my two children.

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