Jeremy Renner bravely reports that he will never be able to walk again by promoting a new series on Twitter

The face of contemporary American Westerns, Taylor Sheridan has been in a creative frenzy with an unparalleled volume of performances being thrown into production in a steady stream. among these, Mayor of Kingstown She’s been the focus of a lot of conversation lately, especially regarding her lead, Jeremy Renner. Ever since the actor survived a serious injury and crushing bones on New Year’s Day, the world has been obsessively checking in hook The protagonist and his condition related to the progression of his injuries.

Mayor of Kingstown (2021-present)
Mayor of Kingstown (2021 – now)

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In the midst of his hospitalization, Renner has barely refrained from keeping his fans updated, entertained, and calm regarding his health. But the latest post was about promoting his series Paramount+, and it seems that even from his hospital bed, the actor has been constantly inspired about what it means to love one’s job and stick to one’s work.

Jeremy Renner promotes Mayor of Kingstown from the hospital

On January 14, exactly two weeks after his traumatic accident, the actor took to Twitter to promote his series, Mayor of Kingstown which recently premiered its second season. Although Renner was confined within the perimeter set by his hospital bed, the actor refused to be confined by his physical injuries, let alone restrained.

On January 1, Jeremy Renner was tragically involved in a snow plow accident that left him with blunt force trauma to the chest and bone injuries. Currently, rumors about his leg needing amputation have been circulating on social media after a close friend of the family stated that the impact of Renner’s injuries makes it unlikely that the actor will ever be able to walk properly again, Radar Online reports.

Jeremy Renner and Emma Laird in Kingstown Mayor
Jeremy Renner and Emma Laird Mayor of Kingstown

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Taylor Sheridan Mayor of Kingstown Season two releases

The Paramount+ series, Mayor of Kingstown, was one of the few extraordinary creations born from the brilliant mind of Taylor Sheridan who not only catapulted American television to the pinnacle of experience but also set a record for critical success post-launch. With each story more exciting than the last, Sheridan’s voice has made the modern world a bleak yet engaging story in which each character is a whole in their own right.

Jeremy Renner and Taylor Handley in Kingstown Mayor
Jeremy Renner and Taylor Handley Mayor of Kingstown

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Created by Taylor Sheridan and Hugh Dillon Mayor of KingstownThe acclaimed crime drama brings a similar world to the fore with a stellar cast that includes Jeremy Renner, Dianne Wiest, Kyle Chandler, and Emma Laird. With Renner at the helm, the series, which ended its pilot season, deals with a vast world plagued by chaos and corruption.

Mayor of Kingstown Available to stream on Paramount+.

Source: Twitter | Jeremy Renner

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