Journalist believes Milan are suffering from ‘disappointing’ summer brands

Journalist Franco Ordin published an emotional reflection on the current situation of the Milan team, especially the last summer transfer window.

It was a difficult start to 2023 for Milan as they missed in the first match of the year against Salernitana at Stadio Areci, winning only 2-1 in a match in which they should have scored five or six goals.

The Rossoneri then squandered a two-goal lead in the last five minutes of the match against Roma at the weekend. Last night Milan were eliminated from the Coppa Italia in the round of 16 for the first time since 2008 by Torino. The team that played 20 minutes plus extra time with 10 players.

Ordine wrote his weekly column for Milan News After the defeat to Torino last night which ended their Coppa Italia campaign after one game, and we’ve translated his comments from before.

The blame expressed after Salerno and the criticisms pointing to the 2-2 with Roma were not signs of understatement. On par with the return so far from the summer market. The third piece of evidence came against Torino in the Coppa Italia and it is evidence that leads to a negative ruling. “.

“You know almost everything about the game. You know that Toro defended himself, in a very organized way, with 10 men in the second half and during both extra periods. You also know that in attack, despite the arrival of reinforcements from the bench (Liao, Messias, Giroud), Milan did not show much in terms of accuracy, clarity and seriousness.

“Granata’s run to the quarter-finals is a well-deserved success, achieved the old-fashioned way, with a 45-meter counterattack. There’s no point in holding on for too long: it’s not Milan last month and a half last season when riding the Scudetto was successful with a healthy line-up.

Now, and not only because of Mainan’s absence, cracks have opened up in defense that seemed to be made of steel, in attack Giroud and Liu cannot always be called upon to make the difference. In particular, the large number of injuries prevented Pioli from achieving that turnover that might have allowed a group Once served in the cup, the card is better.

“But more important than the exclusion from the cup is what Paolo Maldini said before the match. There were two basic concepts: the market is closed after the arrival of Vázquez, neither goalkeeper nor striker pursued despite internal rumors that developed the hypothesis of intervention in the opposite direction.

“Better this way: at least there is a clear direction and a clear responsibility. The direction is to go forward with the strength at hand in the belief that time will prove the options in the technical field right, starting with the CDK that started discreetly last night, hit the post, and then looked away a bit lost When it happens to him when he takes time out of the game.

Maldini’s reference to the sustainable football model does not raise questions about the club’s guidelines because Paolo makes it his own and certainly does not excuse him from the summer transfer market performance which has been disappointing so far, nor from the exaggerated number of absentees due to injury. Starting with the Maignan case, which is an indictment. Real against everyone, coaches, physiotherapists and technical staff.

The second piece of news that Maldini has given is the one that refers to the two renewals underway. Bennacer is now clear, an announcement is only expected in a few hours, they are working hard on it for Leao and there is stated optimism from the senior manager in the technical field to be a guarantee.

On the subject, instead, Maldini ended his interview with a precious reflection. Literally, he said: “Whoever wants to stay in the end stays.” In short, to say that Donnarumma, as well as Calhanoglu and Casey, have not shown any intention of wanting to stay since the beginning of the negotiations. More clarity is required.”

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