Jungle camp 2023: cosimo desperate for testicles horror entertainment

The bush is calling for a Schneider feast.

Fans breathe a sigh of relief, because the wait is over: This jungle camp It finally opened its doors on Friday night to give celebrities a stay in Australia they probably won’t soon forget.

Once again, viewers hoped for celebrity bullying, celebrity humiliation, smothering VIPs and horrific venereal dishes – and they weren’t disappointed. moderators Sonya Zytlow (54) and Jan Cobain (39) invited their guests to a pork penis, bull testicles, and a goat’s anus on the first evening. List includes “Checker vom Neckar” Cosimo Setiolo (41) The king of the bush.

Before that, he pissed off his roommates with tropical fruits in his panties…

Cosimo smuggles a banana out of his pants

After the Stars of the Forest sneak their clothes off in the woods and are picked up by the guards, Mada is revealed Cosimo’s stuff smuggled outIn his bag, the guards found an apple and cheese. They even pulled a banana out of Cosimo’s pocket.

Excuse me!  Cosimo Cituolo wanted to smuggle a banana into the camp, but he was caught by the guard

Excuse me! Cosimo wanted to smuggle a banana into the camp, but he was caught by the guard

Photo: RTL/S. Thuja

In order to examine him more closely, they pulled Cosimo aside and examined him carefully while he was only in his underpants, begging: “But there’s no finger up his ass!” Lucas Cordalis (55) He couldn’t resist the glee and laughed: “I think it’s only fair you should check it out now.”

Disgusting orgies with animal genitalia

The first jungle test caused disgust on faces among the bush dwellers. Jan Coben smiled: “Welcome to the Jungle Bar!” Six tables were available for the celebrities, who were given 60 seconds to devour food from the Australian jungle.

Hot Playboy Shoot Jungle star paint blank

However, residents can decide which of the two disgusts they take to the next table. Claudia Effenberg, 57, was allowed to choose between a pig’s penis and a crocodile’s eye and resolved: “The penis goes to the next table.” Then Terenzi’s girlfriends tortured themselves. Verena Kerth (41) and Reality-Sternchen Dental Bureaufio (23) About with “Höllumi”: durian fruit vomit with a sauce of skunk tofu.

Gigi and Werenakehrt weren't too excited about it

Gigi and Werenakehrt weren’t too enthusiastic about the “delicacies”.

Photo: RTL/Stefan Thoyah

So much for Gigi: he broke the nasty plate right away. The penis is allowed Julina leads (30) and Cecilia Asuro (25) He passed the exam brilliantly. Jamila Ru had to pass the goat’s anus: she immediately spat it out.

In Cosimo f Actress Jana Orcraft Palask Bulls’ testicles (43) were on the list, which Cosimo put to a rigorous test: he kept sniffing the bull’s hanger and gagged in disgust: “How are you supposed to eat that?” It looks like gnocchi. I hope it tastes the same.”

Open mouth and testicles.  Cosimo fails the disgust test with the bull's testicles

open mouth and testicles? Not with Cosimo—he fails the disgust test with the bull’s testicles

Photo: RTL/Stefan Thoyah

Five stars for the jungle dwellers

However, his shrill voice during the first attempts to eat indicates that the testicles of the animals did not taste like tasty food. After more choking and swearing, Cosimo gives in and puts the bull’s testicle back on board. Of course there was no star for that either. However, residents can look forward to at least five stars.

Surprisingly, at the end of the evening also cheered up Model Tessa Bergmeyer (33): The spectators chose her to complete tomorrow’s exam.

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